Why should we daily laugh?

Having spent the past 12 months laughing through various methods, I have found that Laughter Yoga is certainly the most efficient and direct way to get to uncontrollable laughter.

But, after spending numerous hours perfecting the art of Laughter Yoga, it soon became a mission for me to work out why should we laugh?

What are the benefits of Laughter, and why should we try and have a 10minute laugh every day.

Laughter keeps us Healthy

A good belly laugh has been proven to lower our blood pressure, which in turn reduces our stress hormones. Laughing increases the blood circulation which helps to push antibodies around our body, making us more resilient to infections and illness.

Lets get connected

Laughter has many magical affects when it comes to our body and how we connect with others. When sharing laughter with another person through eye contact, you connect at a much deeper level. So much so, when you see the person that you have shared your laughter with, you instantly can replicate the warm feeling you previously reached.

Laughter is an exercise

Laughter has been proven to have the same cardio effects as using a treadmill or a rowing machine. Seriously, when you have a continued laughter session for over 15 minutes, you can burn of enough calories to eat a piece of cake. Your stomach muscles become active and you could even get a 6 pack (after a few years) with no cake!

Laughter can make you less green

When you feel like the anger of the Hulk is burning inside, and you are about to overcome to the preaure of the moment, catch yourself and give out a laugh, not a sarcastic laugh, but a jovel laugh, that will trick your mind into making the situation more light hearted, reducing your heart rate and making you see yellow not red.

 If you don’t laugh you will…

The old adage, that if you don’t laugh you will cry is quite true. Laughter really has the power to flick your mood from being tense, stressed, anxious, angry, nervous (all the grey and black emotions) and turn them into a more positive emotion. Even if you do end up crying, at least you will be crying happy tears. Creating positive emotions around certain situations, like red lights, road rage or changing a nappy, will help make it more a lighter situation. It may not solve the underlying issue, but at least it will add a smile to your face when tackling the situation.

No one is perfect

Although as humans we try our hardest to be perfect in the tasks that we perform, it is not always possible, that is why it is a great exercise to laugh when we are not quite perfect, this hard wires us to be more forgiving with our abilities , which in turn means you will keep doing more, and quickly begin to improve your skills and abilities.

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