Laughter yoga is a perfect and enjoyable practice for individuals and teams. It’s becoming more widespread, especially now that people seem so busy and with less physical activity. The combination of laughter exercises, deep breaths, and childlike play enhances your mental, emotional and physical well-being. 

You can become a laughter yogi or leader for your benefit or help bring joy to other people around you. Participating in laughter yogi training is one of the best things you can do for yourself. The courses are usually short, very informative, and affordable. But why train as a laughter yogi, you may ask? Below are reasons for becoming a laughter yoga leader.


Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Reasons for training as a laughter yogi

Anyone can become a laughter yoga teacher, no matter their profession. After attending several sessions, you probably think you can now hold your own and make people laugh. It is possible but participating in the laughter yogi training has far-reaching benefits. The skills and knowledge are a great addition to your life, and the power of laughter will also significantly impact you and others. Below are the benefits of training as a laughter yogi.

Chance to acquire skills and techniques

This training does more than teach you how to make people laugh. It allows you to run your laughter club and treat it as a money-making business. Like any business venture, you must learn and understand what techniques to apply to succeed in the field. Likewise, you cannot start a laughing club blindly. 

The yoga training gives you the right skills and techniques to run the club and shows you how to handle the participants and what to do or not do to meet their expectations. You become familiar with the different laughter yoga levels and learn how to price yourself as a business.

Know how to trigger laughter

You know, the critical thing about laughter yoga is the laughter bit of it. Yes, it entails other practices like deep breathing, but you can’t miss out on the laughs. It’s embarrassing and awful to have a laughter yoga club with participants full of straight faces. The yogi training shows you the tricks to enhance laughter and create a calming, stress-free environment. Your attempts to make people laugh shouldn’t seem forced, so the process becomes more natural with the right skills.

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

For career change

Your career may be something you have loved and enjoyed doing for years. However, are you bored with it or tired of the monotony? Then you can change into a laughter yoga coach for new experiences. Some jobs limit your interaction with people but if that is what you want, then laughing yoga is your go-to practice. It will enhance your personal growth, help you meet different people and have fun while at it. 

To enhance your confidence

There is a vast difference between you who chooses to attend a laughter yogi training and one who doesn’t. The skills you gain act as a tool to help you handle the practice correctly. What the training does is improve your confidence level. Knowing that you understand what to do and at what time improves your work approach. It’s difficult to progress well in this field if you lack confidence, which is essential when interacting with crowds.

In summary

Training as a laughter yogi is essential for you and others. You gain the necessary skills and techniques to effectively run and lead your laughter club. The training also shows you the tricks to help trigger laughter, which boosts your confidence when dealing with several individuals. Becoming a laughter yogi leader helps steer you into a new career direction, different from what you are used to. It promotes your profession and personal life and enhances personal growth. 

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