Great news – laughter yoga for stress is no longer a myth!

Across the globe, more and more people are accepting laughter therapy as the new norm.  

It’s no secret that technology is dissocialising society. As staying in becomes “the new going out” and more people work from home.


People are learning that the body does not know the difference between genuine and fake laughter. And this realisation is making them join laughter clubs, reduce stress and get happy.

You can take advantage of this development by launching your own laughter club. You can have the amazing power to change lives. And all you have to do is train as a laughter yoga leader.

Now you’re probably thinking: “I have already participated in laughter yoga for stress sessions. I could probably make people laugh, so why do I need laughter yoga training?”

 Here are some reasons why it is essential:

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Opportunity to get skills and techniques for running a successful laughter club

Straight up; a laughter club offers a fantastic money making opportunity. Like other businesses, your club may not be a success if you do not meet the participants’ expectations and you do not grow your membership. 

Laughter leader training is the key to succeeding in this field. The training will equip you with all the skills and techniques you need to start and run a successful laughter club. You will also learn the crucial “dos and don’ts” while interacting with participants. 

If you want your laughter club to thrive and gain a large following, laughter leader training is the easiest way to go about it. 

Learn tricks for triggering laughter

Every laughter club needs a leader who can make people laugh. (It would be a pretty awful laughter club if all your members were sitting with straight faces!) 

But here’s the thing…

To be a laughter leader, you must understand how to use laughter yoga for stress to calmly lead people to relaxation and laughter.

Without the right training, you could end up trying to force people to laugh without success. 

By attending laughter yoga training, you will gain the necessary skills you need to naturally trigger laughter. The laughter coaches will share with you the tactics they use to easily make people giggle. They will also introduce you to activities you need to include in your sessions to make them fun and professional. 

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

It offers a chance to change your career

Are you bored with your current career? Do you think about starting something new? 

A career as a laughter coach can open the door to interacting with different people and seeing life from a brand new (and more fun!) perspective.

It will almost certainly enhance your wallet and your personal growth, too!

It boosts your confidence

A lack of confidence can hinder your progress in any area of your life, not least in your career as a laughter coach where you will need to interact with large crowds. 

Enrolling in laughter therapy leader training will improve your public speaking skills and help you to comfortably engage with different types of audiences. 

To Sum Up…

Laughter yoga training is essential; it provides the skills and techniques to help you run a successful laughter club and manage and coordinate laughter sessions. 

As well as this, laughter yoga training can enhance your confidence which can have a positive impact on your professional, social and personal life. 


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