Laughter yoga practice is a unique form of exercise. The combination of yoga and sustained intentional laughing is like no other. Its introduction to society was after several sessions of research and evaluation of the benefits it brings. Its far-ranging advantages have led to increased participants who later spread it within and across borders.

Laughing yoga has grown tremendously, especially with the advancement of technology. You can practice it individually by watching videos or in a communal setting. The latter was how it began, meaning different people gathered to perform it. But who is laughter yoga perfect for?

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Who should practice laughing yoga?

Laughter yoga has no limits to who can or can’t participate. Anyone can take part; however, the participants dictate the techniques a coach can use. Despite this, it’s suitable for everyone. Some categories of people include;

Those after general body wellness

Body wellness is vital for proper functionality physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Laughing yoga plays a huge role in making this a reality. Intentional laughter means you are willing to forget your stressors, difficulties, etc., and purposefully laugh at the moment. When you laugh, you become joyful, and the negative feelings within you are replaced with positive ones.

Meditation during yoga brings clear thoughts, creativity, and the ability to solve issues. It happens when more blood meaning more oxygen, flows into the brain. The thought clarity and positive inner voice enhance innate support and less criticism. In turn, your self-esteem is elevated, making you feel good about yourself.

Breathing is a huge part of laughter and meditation. Breathing through the activities promotes inner peace and calmness. Your body energy and that of the universe align, boosting you spiritually. Generally, laughter yoga is a whole body activity and the perfect solution for general body wellness.

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Ailing people

Some conditions may allow you to engage in laughing yoga, considering it’s not that intense. Sick people may suffer from poor lung function. It means the body receives low oxygen hence the constant fatigue. The bouts of laughter in yoga involve deep breathing, so inhalation and exhalation are increased. More oxygen flows into the bloodstream to increase energy levels.

Laughing improves your mental health, resulting in positive thinking. You feel good, and in the process, you heal well and quickly. The blood vessels also dilate to regulate blood pressure and prevent hypertension. Most body pains are likely to subside due to the endorphins produced. These hormones have tranquilizing and painkilling effects on the body. Laughing yoga also boosts the immunity of the sick. The diaphragm movement during laughing increases the T cell and lymphocytes that help fight diseases.

The elderly

The elderly in society are alienated from most social activities. Laughing yoga is a low-impact exercise meaning it’s ideal for them. It stimulates blood flow, increases oxygen, reduces pain, and encourages participation. Communal participation reduces loneliness as most have lost partners or are in care homes.

Laughter exercises are fun and promote the play. The elderly experience joy and sometimes forget their problems or think positively about them. Laughing also encourages longevity and better life quality. The sessions give them something to look forward to when they feel hopeless.


Kids are generally playful, and they learn and develop through it. Laughter yoga is a source of playfulness and boosts their self-esteem. The laughter classes increase their ability to connect and develop social intelligence. It develops their behavior as they stay calm during g difficulties and can solve or ask for help when needed.


Bottom line

Laughter yoga is good for everyone, and the benefits are evident in all. Whether or not you appear in the categories above, practice intentional laughing. Attending laughter yoga sessions is an excellent way to start. You learn the techniques, be happy and have fun while unveiling your inner child. All in all, laughing yoga is a common unifier, and everyone is welcome to participate.

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