No doubt, every employee loves working in a cozy and friendly workplace. You want to be part of a workplace where they feel at home. In other words, everyone loves working in a happy workplace. However, this remains a dream. What goes into making one of the happiest teams at work?

Many organizations pay their employees well but fail in making them feel happy and satisfied. This is so despite numerous researches indicating a positive impact on productivity when the organization has happy employees. 

Despite this, some organizations stand out. These organizations have happy and motivated teams. So which are they? Here is a list of companies with the happiest teams across the globe:


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Though it started in 2011, the surfacing of Covid-19 made Zoom popular. Zoom is the leading video communication service provider. Due to lockdown and movement restrictions, the move to remote working and video conferencing show the Zoom users increased to over 200 million in March 2020.

However, being a reliable video communication platform is not the only pride of Zoom. The company ranks as the happiest workplace across the globe. This tech giant has the happiest teams. So, if you want to make your workplace comfortable, you can learn from Zoom.  


Google is a word for everyone searching for information anything online. This tech giant is the leading search engine. In addition, Google is another company with the happiest teams. 

Many research companies rank among the top 10 happiest workplaces after interviewing several employees. In particular, Google has a culture that encourages sharing happiness among the employees and contributing to making the workplace happy. 

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing


Apple is another leading tech giant with happy teams. In this company, the core source of happiness is encouraging creativity and inclusion. Apple offers a room for the employees to share ideas, have fun, and be creative. 

It also focuses on enabling employees to have different experiences that inspire creativity. All these make Apple a friendly and hospitable workplace that makes workplace happiness and productivity thrive.  


Probably, your laptop or PC is running on Windows – an operating system by Microsoft. Also, you might be storing your files on OneDrive. Do you love the products? If so, you are using products from one of the happiest teams in the world. 

Microsoft is among the top five companies with happy employees. To build happy teams, the company encourages friendship and cooperation. The managers are supportive and friendly to their subordinates. Also, the company fosters positivity in handling day-to-day activities. This way, Microsoft builds happy teams that deliver on its objectives and mission.  


This company might not be popular in many aspects. However, it ranks as one of the top ten organizations with happy teams. RingCentral is a leading provider of cloud-based communications and other business solutions. 

To achieve this objective, the company focuses on inspiring its employees’ “I can do” spirit. Employees work in great teams that empower their ability to face challenges. With this aspect, employees develop a sense of fulfillment and achievement.

Wrapping up

In a word, one can make one conclusion from the list above. The happiest teams are the highest performers. Many of the companies featured here record better financial performance. This proves that having a happy workplace will always inspire productivity. 

Making your workplace happy will boost the employees’ morale. Also, there will be high and strong collaboration among the workers. This aspect will inspire creativity and innovations. In addition, you need to provide a cozy workplace that will boost socialization and fun. 

So, learning from the above happiest teams can help you to make your organization a happy one too.