A laughter leader is well known for leading laughter yoga classes. These sessions have been popularized over time. Additionally, they have as many benefits to the body as regular yoga. Laughter yoga is a form of practice that incorporates exercises and laughter. The laughing creates a joyful mood within the group or even when working out as an individual.

This leader guides you through the classes in terms of breathing techniques, stretches, and bouts of laughs. So, where can you train as a laughter yoga leader?

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Becoming a laughter yoga leader

Before we mention the platforms, let’s outline the reasons for undertaking the training. If I say we can fully exhaust these facts, I would be lying. The reasons are many, some general and others based on personal choices. There are no restrictions for wanting to do so, as long as you’re interested and want to create a happy place for others.

One primary reason is to get started on a new career. The change may be aggravated by monotony or the need to deal with people directly. The laughter yoga practice’s vibrant nature may just be what you need to keep going and better yourself. Additionally, you gain new skills that you pass to participants confidently and assertively. Yoga is holistic. It benefits you physically, mentally, and emotionally, so learning to create such a balance for others is incredible.


Where can you attend the training?

This training has a bit of versatility to it. With the advancement in technology, you can learn multiple things from the web. Any information you need is available; all you need to do is google. Alternatively, you can watch tutorial videos on YouTube for better understanding. The latter is better to be a laughter leader since the practice involves movements.

The YouTube platform has videos from many other laughter yoga teachers. Watching them keenly gives you an idea of what to do and how to handle your clients. You can practice the act from the comfort of your home or any safe and relaxing space. Using YouTube as a self-teaching avenue is excellent as you acquire skills. However, no certification is given to you once you are done. Being certified places you in a better position to get clients and gain their trust.


Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Another way is to join a laughter yoga institution where yoga coaches are based. Since the introduction of this yoga, so many schools have opened for training purposes. They vary in regards to values or people handling. Search for the best, ensuring you understand every given detail. Check the program, how its conducted, and when the next intake will be. Get their contacts and reach out to them for any inquiry or to book the training.

The institutions train you depending on the skill level. The same skill levels determine the duration of the training, but they are not as lengthy. The beauty of this training is a certificate is issued in the end. You can present it to potential employers during interviews. Also, you can attach a copy of it on the board in your yoga club for clients to see. It assures them of your ability to coach them and are in good hands.

In the laughter leader training, you learn more than the basic techniques. You learn the history of laughter, yoga, and skills such as leadership and communication.


Bottom line

Laughter yoga is an excellent practice to learn and live by. Becoming a leader not only betters your life but that of others too. YouTube is a great space to learn though no certificate is awarded. In a yoga institution, certified teachers train you to be the best and issue a certificate based on acquired skills. Choose what’s best for you to gain the necessary knowledge.