Laughter yoga teacher training courses are important for you to conduct yoga classes. The training has become very popular and is offered at affordable rates. People undergo this training for multiple reasons, but the skills and techniques you learn are quite similar. A common reason for wanting to become a teacher is to venture into a new career. Some trainees want to experience something new away from the norm.

Unlike other careers, yoga training isn’t as congested. Despite the rapid growth, people are still warming up to it. It’s perfect if you enjoy interacting with others or helping them develop mentally, emotionally, and physically through yoga practice. In making lives better, you also benefit from the holistic nature of laughter yoga.

Yoga training makes you confident in your ways, assertive, a great communicator, and more when dealing with clients. It teaches a wide scope of breathing techniques, asanas, stretches, and different types of laughs. But where do you learn the practice? We discuss that below.

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Laughter yoga teacher training areas

As earlier mentioned, training is necessary. There is no limitation to the kind of training you choose to pursue as long as you have the needed information. However, your route may affect your participants or limit your crowd despite the knowledge. Some learning methods provide certification upon finishing, while others do not. The proof of certification helps your clients trust you more, unlike when you have nothing to show.

Laughter yoga teacher training can be self-taught or learned through a laughter yoga coach in an institution or online-based. Internet access allows us to google or research whatever we want to satisfy our needs. You can find videos or links to sites as per your search. YouTube is a great app, especially to watch videos and better your movements, like in the case of yoga.



The first place to take your yoga teacher training is YouTube.This app has videos from all over the world. Laughter yoga has grown in many regions, so you can access the videos from yoga leaders elsewhere. You can compare several things through the videos, like the environment the coaches are conducting the classes in. You also learn how to handle and communicate effectively with the participants. Some videos explain the history or background of laughing yoga which you can pass on to your clients.

Using YouTube to learn means you are mostly self-teaching yourself. It’s a great thing to do, but it has its disadvantages. Watching other coaches’ videos doesn’t guarantee you a certificate. The lack of it may prevent you from getting jobs in institutions, studios, clubs, etc.

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Yoga training institutions

Joining an institution is one of the best ways to acquire laughter yoga teacher training. Many schools are offering courses both online and physically. The classes come in different levels that you advance as you go. One benefit of schools is visiting and inquiring about or seeing the training in person. You can also reach out via calling or emailing and book the course instead of watching random videos.

Despite being offered by schools or studios, some have online options for students. It can be through YouTube or other agreed platforms. In this case, learning from YouTube guarantees you a certificate since the institution gives the coursework. Alternatively, the in-person training also grants you the yoga teacher certificate that you can show clients or use to seek jobs.



You can take yoga teacher training anywhere as long as you are comfortable. However, note that self-teaching via Youtube videos of other leaders offers no certification. You can only be certified if you train through a recognized institution. You gain knowledge in both ways, but the latter has more benefits.


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