When is the Best Time to Use Laughter Yoga?

Laughter yoga is a thing now. The movement has picked up face quickly since its introduction in the 90s. It’s a combination of chuckles and stretches as a form of exercise. It causes little strain to the body, but the benefits are massive, both physically and psychologically.

Laughing yoga involves fake and real laughter. During the session, you begin with a fake laugh which progresses fast to genuine laughter. The mind can differentiate between the two, but the advantages aren’t selective. The body benefits equally from either laugh. Over 6000 laughter clubs exist worldwide. Participants enjoy the classes hence the growth.


What’s the best time to practice laughing yoga?

Laughter is universal and contagious too. It makes us connect at deeper levels, unlike other exercises. The probability of you laughing because someone else is laughing is high. This is why most laughter yoga sessions are communal or with a group of people. But this doesn’t stop you from enjoying it from the comfort of your home.

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We have seen an increase in the use of technology in this modern era. You can get laughing yoga videos online and follow the instructions without a physical trainer. Knowing you can access the classes anytime, when is the ideal time to use them?

Laughter Yoga in the Morning hours

You wake up relaxed and energetic after a good night’s sleep. Most people have much energy in the morning, ready to face the day and get things done. Laughing yoga has multiple advantages. But what stands out most is the calmness, positivity, and inner peace it brings. Attending a morning laughter yoga class sought of prepares you for the day ahead.

Everyone has fresh energy, and the room is usually full of excitement and positive vibrations. The belly laughs, and deep breathing have you lost in the moment. The vibes occupy your mind, and there is less thinking of your problems or the difficulties you may be facing. The morning sessions help you put your work aside for 30-60 minutes and revisit it later.

Doing laughing yoga in those early hours also boosts your courage. You are there to achieve a common goal in a room full of people. There are no titles or special recognition. In fact, you are all dressed in gym wear so no suits or fancy clothes and shoes. At that moment, there are no bosses, managers, or other high-flying individuals. You feel like you belong and are part of a great group full of love, play, and banter. The feel-good hormones produced during the workout contribute to your well-being. The overall effect of this is productivity at your office, home, or workspace.

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Laughter yoga in the afternoon or evening hours

Despite the morning hours goodness, not everyone can attend the sessions. For some, the timing doesn’t concur with their schedule. Others wish to sleep in, in the morning or didn’t have the best sleep through the night. Whichever the case, it’s no crime to slot your laughter yoga class later in the day. It works pretty well for some people but is tricky for others. Evening classes have you leaving work tired after a long day. Though laugh benefits to the body are similar at any time, consistency may be a huge problem. You can decide to avoid the class considering your energy levels are depleted, or you have to rush back to the house.


To sum up:

Practicing laughing yoga in the morning seems more beneficial than in the evening. However, it’s not a limiting factor if you can’t make it to the classes. Some people use laughter yoga in the evening and thrive from that experience. Choose the time that suits you best based on your schedule or availability.

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