Participating in a laughter session may sound awkward for some people. However, most of them enjoy yoga practice and laughing separately. So how about combining the two activities? Sounds ideal, right. Both have multiple benefits, but how long can you keep it together while in a room with strangers? Laughter yoga is mainly designed to transfer positive energy. You choose to laugh voluntarily while incorporating breathing exercises and clapping. A laughter leader is in charge of the laughter session and guides you through each training. So after you decide to take on a laughter yoga training session, how long will you sit through it?

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What is a laughter training workshop?

Like other events, a laughter training workshop is a set of group and team-building activities where the central goal is to help participants ease the pressure, reduce stress and tension. The workshop features a series of laughter yoga exercises, games, laughter meditations, and new ways to laugh.

The laughter workshop features a laughter coach or trainer who guides the sessions. Like other workshops, these events aim at strengthening the team members’ bodies, helping them relax, and de-stress. The instructor combines fun games and meditation with innovative laughter exercises that create an enjoyable laughing environment.

What does the laughter training workshop involve?

The laughter workshops teach groups and organizational teams how to laugh. It features a qualified laughter instructor. The trainer comes with various team activities that lead to laughter. Usually, the team begins with warmup exercises to help the participants relieve tension and anxiety.

Then, the teams learn different personal health tips and techniques. The instructor teaches them the importance of laughter in their personal and work life. The members engage in activities that create traditional social groupings to induce positive culture.

Also, the approach helps to create a relaxed environment. With such aspects, the participants can interact with each other without any hindrances. The instructor introduces a series of active games and fun activities that tickle the participants’ ribs. As well, they engage in laughter, meditation and exercises.

These activities must be memorable and lead towards the main objective – making the members enjoy a burst of hearty laughter. So, the instructor and trainers must work toward realizing this goal.

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

How to make the laughter training workshops effective

While you might spend a lot of time organizing a laughter workshop, the results may be disappointing. A suitable workshop should ensure that the employees or participants break all barriers and harness their stress management. This goal is achievable with proper planning and activity selection.

One way to make the laughter training workshop effective is by opting for non-competitive activities and minigames. These activities should bring everyone on bond and create a relaxed space where all participants are equal. Also, going for non-competitive activities break tension and anxiety. Everyone enjoys the moment.

Secondly, your training session must make fun the central focus. Every activity must ensure that everyone in the room ends up laughing. Promoting laughter is the central objective of this training. So, each session should teach the participants a new way to laugh.

Are there benefits of laughter workshops?

Indeed, laughter is essential in the day to day life. Learning how to laugh is a crucial goal that each organization must consider. Through laughter workshops, an organization can promote the laughing culture and enjoy these benefits:

  • Improved cooperation and cohesion in the organizational teams.
  • Reduced tension and pressure among the employees.
  • Harnessed engagement and participation levels.
  • Decreased staff turnover and absenteeism in the workplace.   

In a word, laughter training workshops are essential for every modern organization. It helps to promote a socialization culture that brings happiness to your organization. With increased joy and laughter, your organization will enjoy high productivity.

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