Everyone desire to be happy and live a healthy life, but this remains a mirage for a large population. With the daily hustle and bustle, many people have no time to enhance their wellness. The daily demands of meeting the ever-growing needs make people neglect their wellbeing. Essentially, many people do not understand the meaning of wellbeing. They understand it as having substantial wealth, beauty, and being happy. However, wellbeing goes beyond these aspects. Research by Gallup developed a package of five areas of wellbeing that everyone must achieve. They include:

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Physical wellbeing

Physical wellnessis among the five areas of wellbeing. It is about maintaining your body fit and healthy. It is having the right energy and strength to enable you to do what you do. Being physically well is essential in ensuring you achieve your daily responsibilities. This aspect is the central pillar of achieving a balanced and stable life.

The contributors to physical wellbeing are your daily habits and lifestyle. It encompasses what you eat, how you sleep, physical exercises, relaxation, and hygiene. How you prioritize and balance these elements will determine your physical wellbeing.

Always ensure you eat a balanced diet and take time to rest and sleep. Also, consider having time for physical exercises, even if it is just taking a 10-minute walk or laughter yoga. Maintaining your hygiene will also contribute to physical wellbeing. Remember, you can have a chronic illness but still be well. So, work on maintaining your physical wellbeing to have a good life.

Financial wellbeing

Certainly, you cannot be fine when your financial status is always dwindling. Ability to manage your economic life is a crucial wellbeing element. Financial wellbeing is not only how much you are earning. Rather, it is about short- and long-term financial stability. You need to be comfortable with your financial status to achieve this form of wellbeing.

If you are dealing with debts or have an uncertain financial future, you will likely suffer stress. This issue will impact your stability and wellness. So, financial soundness and stability are crucial to achieving wellbeing for you and others.

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Career wellbeing

Do you love and enjoy what you do? Despite having a lucrative position in your job, it won’t be very helpful if it does not offer the desired fulfilment and gratification. Career wellbeing is doing what you love and having a chance to do it daily.

Someone with career wellbeing is likely to have a healthy and purpose-driven life. They will do better in their lives than people without a job or career. Hence, engaging people with their occupation or career of choice can improve their overall wellbeing.

Social wellbeing

Humans are social beings. They need to interact and engage with each other to thrive. Social wellbeing is about this engagement. It is the ability of a person to establish relationships and connections that lead to positive living. This aspect calls for investing time to connect with support systems and colleagues.

With technology, social wellbeing is dwindling. People are working remotely, which denies them a chance for physical interaction. However, you can boost your social interaction with video conferencing and other facilities. This goal is achievable through utilizing the online interaction frameworks and incorporating socializing activities that harness cooperation and fun among the organizational teams.

Community wellbeing    

Everyone needs to have a sense of belongingness and acceptance. This is what community wellbeing is about. You will have a reason to live when you are proud and feel accepted in your community. One must cultivate a positive relationship with the public to have a happier and healthy life. Hence, community wellbeing is crucial to the realization of self-wellness.

In a word, for you and others to achieve overall wellness, you must work on these five areas of wellbeing. Combining the five blocks will result in a happier, healthy, and balanced life.


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