You already know about many championships. Probably, you have either taken part in or watched championships and tournaments ranging from soccer, rugby, athletic, basketball to volleyball. But have you ever heard about the World Laughter Championships? This championship brings together people laughing uniquely. It is a form of laughter yoga that brings people together to laugh. Unlike the usual laughter sessions, people compete to determine who laughs best. The winner gets an award.

In other words, the World Laughter Championships are laughter sessions that bring together laughter champions from different nationalities to compete. The winner becomes the World Laughter champion for the year. These championships usually take place in May of each year.

But was the championship just a laughter yoga?

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Relationship between the laughter championship and laughing yoga

The world laughing championship is a form of laughter therapy. The participants laugh without a real reason for their laughter. Like the laughing therapy, their faked laughter is infectious and makes the audience burst into laughter. This aspect meets the objective of the laughter sessions, whose aim is to promote laughing culture.

Also, the championship involves a series of laughing exercises. The participants participate in various laughter challenges such as diabolic laughter, snort laugh, and happy/sad laugh. These laughter therapies offer benefits to the participants even though they do not make it to be champions in their respective categories.

Notably, to emerge a winner, your laugh must be the funniest, most contagious, and influential to the audience. You must make the audience laugh the longest than other contestants. This aspect makes the laughter championship a unique type of laughter yogic session. The participants act as the laughter coaches.

Like the laughter yoga, the championship does not involve comedy or humor sharing. You laugh without a specific reason. The participants can appear as a laughter club or individuals to showcase their unique laughing styles. The winner becomes the person or group that laughs joyfully and influences others to join the laughter session. This aspect is the goal of any laughter therapy.

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

The goals of the World Laughter Championship

The central goal of the laughter championship is to create contagious laughter that promotes happiness and joy across the globe. It seeks to award people who can move the biggest crowd into laughter without a specific reason. With laughter having numerous health benefits, making it a norm is important. The competition seeks to bring together people – contestants and audience – for a laughter session.

However, the championship goes beyond the normal laughter therapy sessions. The participants must focus their eyes on winning. They must apply different strategies and techniques to make the laughter contagious and long-lasting. So, if you want to win, you must combine laughter yogic techniques and laughercises to make your laughter the most contagious.

Are there benefits of taking part in the World Laughter Yoga championships?

Participation in the laughter championship comes with a wide range of benefits. First, you will get a reward when you emerge the winner in your laughter category. Also, you can become the celebrated world laughter champion when your overall performance is the best in various laughter challenges.

The championship also promotes laughter, helping you reduce stress and improve your well-being. As you know, laughter is the best medicine. So, participating in this event either as a contestant or audience will offer you all the benefits of laughter.

In a world, the World Laughter Championship is a special version of laughter yoga. It brings people together for a laughter moment. However, the event goes beyond awarding people with the most contagious and influential laughter techniques.

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