Laughter yoga is a widespread practice and trend. The movement has done pretty well since the 90s when Dr. Kataria introduced it. The stretching and giggles make laughter yoga interesting and safe exercise since the body experiences minimal strain. Besides these, laughing yoga has numerous positive mental, emotional and physical effects on the body.

The difference between traditional yoga and laugher yoga is the chuckles involved in the latter. The laughter is fake mainly in the beginning but progresses to something genuine during the session. Though the mind can differentiate between the two laughs, the benefits are similar, and that’s the most beautiful thing about laughing yoga.

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

What is the ideal time to practice laughing yoga?

Laughter yoga’s popularity has led to the opening of multiple laughing clubs worldwide. There are more than 6000 clubs meaning participants enjoy the sessions and they make them connect with each other. Laughter is contagious, so laughing yoga classes are best in a group setting. However, that shouldn’t stop you from doing it alone in the comfort of your house. Advanced technology allows you to get videos uploaded online by different yoga coaches. The easy access is excellent. But, whether online or offline, what time is best to practice laughter yoga?


Morning periods

Some people have high energy levels in the morning and thrive during these hours. After a long, restful night, you wake up feeling relaxed, with so much energy ready to conquer the day. Your mindset in the morning greatly impacts how the rest of your day will be. Among the many laughter yoga advantages are the inner peace or calmness you experience when and after performing it. It can shift your thinking so that your day is full of positivity and calmness.

Attending a morning laughter yoga session means everyone in the room is well rested and has fresh energy. The effect of this is the loud bursts of laughter, excitement, and positive vibrations that fill the space. Following the instructor’s lead, you practice deep breathing for some minutes, followed by laughter. The laughing act takes away negative energy, the stresses of your job, or general life problems in your mind. The morning sessions help you put your work aside for 30-60 minutes and revisit it later.

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Besides positivity, laughing yoga gives you courage for the day ahead. The morning sessions last between 30-60 minutes, where you interact with people of all calibres. During the session, everyone is a participant, and no job titles like manager, boss, or CEO are used. You are all in your workout clothes, ready to experience something similar. The mingling makes you feel homely or like you belong and wouldn’t consider yourself any lesser than the others.

Evening periods

An advantage that the morning laughter yoga class has over the evening class is the ability to make you start the day on the right foot. However, not everyone finds that time suitable for various reasons. Some are tired and want to extend their sleep or are not morning people. It’s okay to schedule time for the evening sessions once you are done with work or in the afternoon when you are free. Unlike the morning classes, evening sessions suffer from inconsistent participants. This is because most are tired from work, and their energy levels are low. Evening laughter yoga classes are doable, but it’s a hustle trying to balance everything after a tiring day.


Final words

Depending on your capability or schedule, you can perform laughing yoga in the morning or evening. But morning periods seem more beneficial than evenings. The rate at which people miss evening sessions is higher than mornings, an effect of long working hours. This is not to discourage the classes but ensure you are consistent to reap the benefits later on. Choose the best time for you, so you thrive and enjoy while at it.


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