Thank you for signing up …

How exciting to have you along for this 5 day trail.

The trial is a 5 day challenge, where I encourage you to set a goal to complete over the next 5 days. It can be as small or as big as you like.

I know that laughter will help you to achieve it.

Look out for the email I have just sent you, which explains what will happen over the next 5 days.

How it works

Each morning you will receive an email, with a short video to follow. Varying in length, as we get through the 5 days.
Remember to find a place you are comfortable to laugh out loud. The more you follow this challenge, the more you will get from the process. If you have any questions during the challenge, please drop me an email – I am here to support you.

Looking forward to laughing together tomorrow.

I think it’s something everyone should try and Pete really was made to do this for a living!

Alexandra Rogers

It’s been fantastic, I learnt so many new laughter techniques and how to introduce it to my everyday life. I feel so much better today, and it’s given me the lift I needed.

Tom Bailey

Thank you for an excellent session, I gained insight for myself and learned some valuable exercises to help not take life too seriously.

Emily Wright

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