Working together as a team comes with benefits. There is efficiency, more success, and productivity, and the participants are much happier. Team building activities increase corporation and motivation among people in workplaces, schools, and homes, you name it. Areas like Cornwall are known for endless indoor and outdoor teambuilding opportunities, suitable for everyone in small or large groups.

There are many reasons for team building, but fun is one of the essential elements. People enjoy participating in fun activities that help clear the kinds off the stresses of life. We expound on the teambuilding ideas below suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Team building activities to participate in Cornwall

While some people already have ideas of the activities they want to participate in, some have none and rely on facilitators, which is okay. The list of teambuilding activities is quite long, making it impossible to exhaust. However, here are a few you can use during the sessions.

Outdoor activities

Such activities allow you to be outside, away from your workspace, in the fresh air, sun, and near water, just to relax and connect with others. 

Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are pretty interesting and have you engaged and excited too. It’s excellent for large groups of people, but smaller ones aren’t limited. Scavenger hunts can have different themes, such as nature, historical themes, etc.


This practice is unique, and very few people have participated in it. It aims at improving focus while still having fun with your teammates. It’s easy for smaller groups, so each person doesn’t wait too long for their round.

Mini Golf game

Unlike actual golf, this one lack many holes; hence, it’s less time-consuming, with minimal walking. It’s an excellent way for the team to have a fun experience that doesn’t take the entire day. Mini golf courses are many, and some are also themed to attract kids and adults. It’s a great bonding idea; you can never go wrong with it.


Cornwall has excellent walking trails to explore while connecting with the team. Hiking is one of the activities you can do singly or combine with another, like the scavenger hunt. Participants can be in big groups or teams of two or three. 

Indoor activities

Indoor activities help bring the outdoors in. Teams can participate without worrying about the weather outside. Another plus about these teambuilding ideas is they don’t have to be in confined spaces. Some are under roofing covers to offer shade. Examples of indoor activities are;

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Board game tournament

This is it if you want the perfect pass-time game. It’s suitable for small groups or several of them within a space. Choosing games that move quickly is more exciting, and you also switch games with other participants or teams.

Climbing wall

Climbing walls are a popular indoor activity. Some large companies with an existing culture visit local gyms with these walls for teambuilding purposes. People get to motivate each other as they dare to scale greater heights.

Indoor night trivia

Most individuals are familiar with the activity, and it’s entertaining too. It involves several teams with unique names and questions for them to answer. It’s a competitive game as all teams strive to get the highest score.

Museum tours

Museum tours are ideal teambuilding activities for adults. There is much to view in museums, like artwork, exhibits, history, and science of the place and everything within it. It creates an interactive and exciting experience for the team, especially for first-timers.


To sum up,

Teambuilding is perfect ongoing practice. Having indoor and outdoor activities ensures it doesn’t stop even in lousy weather, and Cornwall has ideal places for that. Other than the ideas listed above, there are many more fun games and exercises to participate in. The activities suit small and large teams and adults and kids. They are great energy, morale, creativity, communication, relationship boosters, etc., worth checking or trying.



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