What gets you up in the morning? Well, most of us will say it is the alarm clock. But is it your alarm or opportunity clock? Think about it for a moment, who would like to be woken up by an alarm that is associated with all the bad things. Whenever a fire alarm or a car alarm goes off, we know there is trouble, and there is nothing positive about alarms. Waking up is a blessing, and we should treat it like one.

Every morning we wake up, it is an opportunity for us to become better people than we were yesterday. According to Zig Ziglar, we are not woken up by an alarm clock but by an opportunity clock. It is time we shift from referring to an opportunity clock as an alarm clock. Let’s be positive people and learn to appreciate every new morning that life gives us a chance to become better versions of ourselves.

What do you when your opportunity clock goes off in the morning? Do you have a routine?

Listen in to this inspiring and challenging episode.

Magical Quotes from the Episode:

“The fact that you wake up in the morning, it’s an opportunity to go and create and be the best version that you can.”

“Every morning when we wake up, is an opportunity. We’ve got a whole day ahead of us to create magic, engage with people, bring some positivity to people, share our knowledge and skills with people.”

The Laughter Man, Pete Cann is on a fun-filled mission to bring the positive benefits of laughter to the world. Since discovering Laughter Yoga, company owner Pete has transformed his business and family life and now wants to share his infectious secrets and get the planet laughing along with him.

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