Do you ever listen to your guts? Many people tend to ignore their gut feelings only to find out later it warns them about something. Your gut is your second brain.
My family and I will be moving. Last week, we were on holiday, and we went house hunting. We saw housing that ticked all our checkboxes, but something in our guts was telling us something was wrong. Later we found out the neighbour there was not the kind that we envisioned. We had to let it go. We believe we will find another house that will meet our requirements.

The main goal for this episode is to remind you always to trust and listen to your gut. There is always a reason for it to sink when it does.

Key Talking Points of the Episode: 

[00:54] Our house hunt

[03:52] Listening to your gut feelings because it is your second brain

Standout Quotes from the Episode: 

“Your gut is your second brain. When your stomach tells you something, you need to listen to it.”

“When your belly is telling you things, you need to listen to it because there’s a reason.”

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