Karl Pearsall identifies himself in ways that support his growth. He is fascinated by many things and passionate about making a difference. He likes to predict the future by spotting patterns and trends.

Today, through his branding business ‘Original Thing’ established in 1999 he produces promotional items and merchandising for a broad customer base. As distributors, he sources in the UK and imports ‘whatever our clients want’. We are proactive in sharing about changing technology and how items can be decorated. We manage the process to fit brand guidelines and client timescales.

He has a passion for curating experiences that bring people & ideas together to deliver value to all community stakeholders. I’m known for great marketing ideas and delivering results as a catalyst through consultancy in various forms. He has always been successful in helping others build their business profile to larger audiences.

As an early adopter of tech and fun, he is a visionary and pioneer, having co-created several tribes in different revolutions over 25 years the first being dance music in the late 80s early 90’s, large events with 2000 people every week, then personal development @YESGroup followed by what he calls the collaboration & sharing revolution @masterminding

His tribe YES Group established in 1993 is a way of making a difference in the world. Founded in London, subsequently formed YES Group worldwide www.yesgroup.org this social enterprise continues to deliver personal growth & contribution-based activities for local communities.

Check out this episode for insights that you can apply in your life.

[06:09] – How Karl Pearsall hasn’t run a marathon himself but has been running ever since he went to the Tony Robbins event

[15:29] – Knowing that we all go through periods in our lives where we get to an endpoint. Of that particular incarnation of ourselves,

[17:51] – The importance to keep getting the people to come and, keep getting great speakers and everyone’s happy.

[20:39] – Understand that isn’t it that dancing, you hear a good tune that you really like that reminisce

[24:39] – Really important to just stay in the game for yourself and we’re all on a journey.

[25:30] – Help surround yourself with positive people is going to mean you’re going to adopt more of their habits because people rub off on people.

[31:39] – Just before you go to sleep, whether it be, you know, on the journey somewhere, first thing in the morning, start to reinforce these things and listen to what inspires you

[32:39] – Exercise to zoom in to pay attention to leadership


“Tony Robbins talks about the six human needs and two of those needs, um, and that six, uh, growth and contribution. So we know we’re doing something positive, making a difference to the world.”

Instagram made personal development that mainstream because you know, you suddenly got your feed to fill up with quotes from people when Instagram sort of started becoming a thing.

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