• In this episode, I’d love to talk about yogic breathing. A study shows that adults’ lungs hold about 2-3 litres of air, but we hardly breathe out all the air. Yogic breathing seeks to help you improve your breathing and help get rid of the stale air from your lungs.

    I have met many people who think they need yoga mats and sweatpants during a laughter yoga session. The truth is laughter yoga is about yogic breathing and you don’t need either of those things. In this episode, I will help you understand yogic breathing and share some breathing exercises.

    Listen in to this episode, and please laugh along with me.

    Key Talking Points of the Episode:

    [00:35] How is laughter yoga different from yoga?

    [01:09] What is yogic breathing?

    [02:37] Let’s breathe in together

    [03:16] Laugh with me

    [05:01] Another laughing exercise

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