It is every person’s dream to have a job they love, and it pays well. Our guest today, Hellen Ball, shares with us how she left a job she loved and paid her well to join the health and wellness world. According to Hellen, leaving a job that assures you of a salary every month is not easy, and making matters worse, joining the entrepreneurship wagon where nothing is certain.

Helen ball is a recovering corporate lady who broke away from the traditional retail management world’s stresses and strains by focusing on her holistic health and well-being. She owns a global online Health and Wellness Business, where she’s helping and coaching others to do the same. Helen’s passions lie in the power of the gut and the mind to transform every aspect of your life.

Listen in and draw inspiration from Hellen.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

  • Getting to know Hellen
  • Hellen’s diet before entrepreneurship
  • Top 5 inflammatory foods to avoid
  • Hellen’s transition into health and wellness
  • Self-development
  • The Miracle Morning
  • The most inspiring books for Hellen
  • Who inspires Hellen
  • Comfort zone
  • Three things that bring joy to Hellen

Key Milestones of the Episode:

[01:22] Getting to know Hellen Ball

[07:03] Hellen’s diet when she was in the corporate world

[09:09] Top 5 inflammatory food

[12:56] How long did it take Hellen to start to see changes?

[17:25] How Hellen got into self-development

[21:54] What two things would Hellen recommend for a miracle morning?

[24:54] Hellen’s most inspirational book

[30:27] Who inspires Hellen and why?

[32:38] When was the last time Hellen took a step further away from her comfort zone?

[36:44] Three things that bring Hellen Joy

Standout Quotes from the Episode:

“If dairy is something you’re having to put into your diet for whatever reason, I would always recommend getting it non-pasteurized and from the dairy.”

“The Miracle Morning for me is about starting your day with a positive mindset because things going to be thrown at you left, right and center that we’re going to try and drag you down.”

“Children are always watching you children are always listening, and they soak up like a sponge.”

“The worst place you can be is your comfort zone, I honestly believe that. Because you’re not going to grow and you’re not going to kind of experience things that you don’t know.”

“If nothing changes, nothing’s going to change.”

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

The Miracle Morning- Hal Elrod

Awaken the Giant Within- Tony Robbins

Connect with Hellen:

Holistic Living with Hellen &Friends


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