Madan Kataria shares his fantastic story in this episode.

The best thing about laughter yoga is the benefits are instant.

In case you are wondering where all this laughter yoga originated from? Look no further. Today we are privileged to have the founder of the Laughter Yoga Movement. Before Madan Kataria discovered laughter yoga, he worked as a family physician in the busy and high populated city of Mumbai and was also an editor for a health magazine. Both jobs stressed him such that he ended up writing a series of articles such as laughter is the best medicine, as a way of stress management.

In this episode, we are privileged to draw understanding from the amazing Madan Kataria. He explains the chain of stressful events in his profession that led to discovering the laughter yoga movement and how it spread across the world as a widely acceptable exercise.

Madan Kataria incorporated the art of combining breathing and laughing to come up with laughter yoga. In 10 years since inception, he had covered more than 50 countries and conducted training to teachers. As we speak, laughter yoga establishment is in more than 115 countries. He has set up a Guinness book of record with 16,000 students laughing in a crowd. He also targets the senior center since as you grow older, you lose your laughter. All thanks to him, laughter yoga is the most uplifting exercise for different kinds of disabilities. His mission is to ensure every person learns to laugh since the next pandemic is likely to be mental health pandemic.

Are you up for some good storytime? Listen in to this episode.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

·      Madan Kataria’s back story

·      Benefits of laughter yoga

·      Global impact of laughter yoga

·      Laughter yoga success stories

Key Milestones of the Episode:

[02:51] Madan’s backstory: How Madan got into laughter yoga

[03:25] How laughter yoga helped Madan

[06:38] The spreading of laughter yoga into other regions.

[11:05] The global impact of laughter yoga

[23:44] The success stories of laughter yoga

Standout Quotes from the Episode:

“Even if you act like a happy person, your body doesn’t know the difference, your brain cannot differentiate” 

“What is the easiest way to be happy? Just be with happy people.” 

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