Improve your health, positivity, resilience, and self-esteem by doing Laughter Yoga. Intentional, prolonged laughter interspersed with clapping and Yogic deep breathing has been scientifically proven to be good for you! Since training as a Laughter Yoga Teacher, Sara Kay has been awarded the title of Laughter Ambassador for promoting Laughter Yoga throughout Cheshire and Manchester.

Check out this episode for insights that you can apply in your life.

[01:39] – Introduction to the show and guest

[05:29] – Having the light bulb moment

[07:39] – Experience of leader training core teacher training course

[09:38] – The memorable stories would you say you have from people

[10:39] – When you play with puppets, people actually take a lot of notice

[12:39] – The ripple effect to somebody and then their smile

[17:30] – The nice small massages around the forehead and the cheeks

[19:39] – How to energize yourself simply by doing it flat palms flapping

[21:39] – Advice for those struggling

[24:49] – Practical habits to keep entrepreneurial juice flowing

[27:39] – Case studies of her clients



“ I invite you to close your eyes and put your hands around your heart area, flat palms, and then just concentrate on your breath as you’re breathing in through your nose. Nice deep breath in and then out through your mouth and then in, through your nose again, and have three, I’m just going to focus on one piece of gratitude for today.


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