2022 is here, and the best we can do right is make resolutions and make them happen. I love looking at resolutions like goals. Here are my resolutions for the new year:

  • We want to move to Cornwall
  • I want to set up a laughter club in Truro
  • Get in the sea four times a week
  • Run half marathons
  • Be self-sufficient from my laughter work
  • Earn a good living from sharing the power of laughter with people, and businesses, especially with teams
  • Support my son in his scouting
  • Start my Miracle Morning again, which is when I get up in the morning, I do my meditation, my exercise, my affirmations, my reading, and my writing new year’s resolution
  • Get my book out of me onto paper and get it out into the world

Here are some resolutions for my year 2022. I would love to know what your resolutions are. What are your goals for 2022? What do you want to achieve next year to help you become a happier content person? I believe it’s all about making you more of a rounded individual and making you feel more wholesome.

Feel free to share your resolutions with me on my social media platforms. I cannot wait to hear them.


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