The only thing worse than being blind is not having a vision.”- Hellen Keller.

As Pete Cann, the Laughter man, I have a vision for my laughter. I do not want you to feel like laughter is all about fun. There is a serious side to it. Laughter brings about healing, helps us sleep better and feel better. My vision is divided into three significant goals:

Laugh from a stage: I can visualize myself in front of 2000 people in San Francisco, and Chloe, my wife, is sitting in the audience at a tech conference. I’m the Energizer, and I’ve got that 10-minute slot, just post-lunch, you know, that little slump when we’re in a conference or functions. Everyone is just a bit like, feeling a bit full up.

Write a book: By the end of next year (2022), I want to be a published author. I want to write a book about sharing my story about my past and how laughter has been an integral part of my past. This will help me pass my knowledge and gain authority in my field.

Work on a case study: I want to write a research paper that will help me prove the massive benefits of laughter. Soon, I will be getting in touch with PhD holders to guide me on how to go about the process.

Listen in and learn more about my laughter vision.

Key Talking Points:

[01:32] Laugh from a stage in front of 2000 people in San Francisco

[02:16] I want to write a book

[03:40] I want to create some run some case study, slash a research project, where we get people into, you know, to see the power of laughter.

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