How do you stay motivated?

“Laughter is a blessing and if you can laugh when there’s nothing to laugh at — you’ve got it.”- Larry

When you look at the things that Larry has been through, it is easy to wonder how he affords to keep laughing. Larry has multiple sclerosis, and as if that’s not enough, he suffers from bipolar. To help cope with the bipolar disorder without being on medication, Larry started practicing meditation and went to support meeting for people with bipolar. He then discovered laughing therapy which enhanced his life.

Today, Larry is a laughter leader; believe it or not, he runs his sessions from his wheelchair. He argues that if a person like him who is in a wheelchair can laugh and have a good time, why not you? He currently works with a bank and runs sessions for the seniors at Hope Alzheimer’s clinic in Rhode Island.

In this episode, Larry will share his laughter journey, how laughter has been instrumental to his life and how he copes with multiple sclerosis and bipolar. He has a fantastic story that you cannot afford to miss. Listen to this episode.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[02:05] How Larry O’Brien discovered laughter yoga

[03:51] The maniac depressive Association

[04:34] What is bipolar?

[06:32] What happens to your body when you laugh?

[07:46] Why is it essential for us to laugh?

[10:31] What happened when Larry discovered laughter yoga?

[11:48] Symptoms of multiple sclerosis 

[15:10] How Larry conducts laughter in a wheelchair

[20:51] How laughter has enhanced Larry’s life

[21:51] Larry’s laughter practice

[23:45] Larry’s laughter success stories

[26:32] Larry’s message to people who are shy to try laughter yoga

[32:50] Larry’s favourite laughter exercises

[35:48] Three things that bring Larry joy

Standout Quotes from the Episode:

“It’s essential to learn to laugh deliberately and use it as a weapon. Use it as your sword and shield.”

“You laugh and the world laughs with you crying you cry alone.”

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Pete Cann  00:09

Hello, I’m Pete Cann. Laughter leader, positive thinker, and entrepreneur, and you’re listening to laughter and positivity with Pete where each week, I’ll bring you tips and tricks to lead a happier, more positive life. Ready? Let’s go. Hey, hey, hey, welcome to laughter I’m positivity with Pete. And this week, the reason I said positivity that way was because I wanted to talk more this week about your one thing, or doing one thing, even not so much your one thing? Or is your one thing because you can be doing one thing? What are you talking about? Pete? What are you talking about?

So you probably know, or if you don’t know, Chloe and myself run a chef agency in the UK, which is pretty, it was doing really well actually, pre COVID It was doing really well. And then COVID off the shot hospitality and then I dived into laughter yoga, which has been amazing. I said, I was going to mention laughter yoga, and I’ve mentioned it twice already. But laughter really helped me through those dark times at the beginning of lockdown. But what’s happened now the world is opening up and the UK has opened up and the chef tree, our core business has taken off, basically, which is which is fantastic. But what it has meant is that I am now sort of split between doing the Laughter Man stuff, which is definitely a passion. I love it. I’ve got you know, I’ve got some jobs I’ve got, I’m going to London earlier cut me up at four o’clock tomorrow morning to go to London. We’re going there next weekend. Next week, I’m in Nottingham for a big event, then I’m in London again.

So, things are happening when it comes to the Laughter Man, but also my time needs to be split across the chef tree and the Laughter Man. So when it comes to the chef tree, I’ve got a whiteboard in my office here. And I’m looking at now I’ve got a list of seven things that I’m working towards at the moment. And what I was finding was each week I was coming in, and not completing them to the best of my ability. And I was basically just getting a little bit stuck a little bit, you know, not doing what I needed to do. So I reached out to a good friend of mine, who is also a coach, and he said, Look, this is what’s happening. What can you recommend, and he said, Look, just focus on one thing, pick just one, don’t focus on all of them. Because if you focus on lots of things at the same time, you don’t achieve them. And you just feel like you’re going round around in circles. And you just don’t get anywhere. Whereas actually where I am now focusing on one task only until completion.

So we’re not talking about like, I’m just focusing on one thing this week, and then next week, I’m focused on another thing, it’s like, right, I’m going to focus on this one thing until I’ve completed it, and the process is in place, and everybody knows what they’ve got to do, including myself. And then I move on to the next thing. Now that seems to be working. Alright, I’ve been doing it for a couple of weeks now. And I’ve ticked off one thing so far, which is fantastic. Which is helping the business and the Yeah, I just wanted to share with you really because, you know, we feel that we can multitask as humans, but I don’t think we can. Because if we’re thinking about lots of different things at the same time, we’re clouding our brains.

But actually, if you’re just thinking of one task that you need to get done, or one, you know, one goal that you’re aiming for, then you are completely focused on that project and set an acronym that came up the other day on that I was listening to his focus, which is follow one course until success. It’s simple, really, you know, I mean, people that are out there doing really well for themselves in whatever industry or whatever thing they do in life are literally doing well because they focus and they’ve got a plan in place. They know where they’re aiming for. They’ve got goals, and they’ve got the focus. So you know, mean, like one of our goals recently, or not recently, but for the last couple of years is to be moving to Cornwall, which you’re listening to this, and we’re nearly there. Now we’re moving in a couple of weeks, because I pre-record these episodes. That’s exciting for me to say that because, yeah, literally, when you listen to this podcast, I will be surrounded by boxes. But also if you listen to this in the future, then hey, I live in Cornwall, come and see me. It’s a lovely, we’re loving life. Anyway, that’s a bit of visualization right there. But yeah, so what saying So with regards to moving the corpsman this week, I spent some time with Chloe we went round every single room we sent a spec we printed out a sheet Have stuff because we’re renting our house here. We printed out a sheet. And so what we were going to leave here, what we’re going to take, what do we need to fix? What did we need to buy? And any questions. And on each room, we filled out those five sheets. And then from those five sheets, we wrote a big list of things that need to be fixed. And then we’ve reached out to the various trades people that can help us or Chloe, and I’ve started doing that already.

So again, that’s one thing because we were focusing on the one thing to make that happen. So yes, you can have a couple of things I know I’m sort of what’s the word contradicting myself slightly, but you like with the house. That was the one thing that had to happen this week for us to move forward. And then next week, I’ve got a couple of painting jobs I need to do and moving some of my stuff into the loft. So that is going to be my one thing when it comes to moving to Cornwall. So anyway, I would love to hear from you what your one thing is this week, you know, how do you feel this podcast this episode? Let me know your thoughts on any social channels, and I’ll talk to you soon. Thank you so much for listening to laughter and positivity with Pete. To access today’s show notes and exclusive content, please head over to podcast. Be sure to tune in next week for your next dose of laughter and positivity. Until then remember, if Pete can you can.