Are you having problems within your inner self that disturb your peace? Try laughter yoga.

If you don’t believe laughter yoga is indeed a tool of happiness, you should have a session with Annika. Before Annika started laughter yoga, she was burned out from a recent divorce that saw her work harder since she was responsible for her kids and living in a foreign country. Her body got burnt out and was slowly shutting down without her knowledge until it got to a point she couldn’t work anymore. When she got into laughter yoga, her pain eased up, and she recovered pretty well and in a short time.

In this episode, we get to understand and appreciate the use of laughter yoga as a stress management technique from the fantastic Annika Hagdahl. She will share how she discovered laughter yoga, how it has enhanced her life, success stories from her laughter yoga sessions, the importance of laughter yoga, and take us through her best laughter exercises.

Annika Hagdahl is a certified laughter yoga leader and ambassador from Gallipoli, who underwent her laughter leader training in Rome. She initially practised traditional yoga and meditation before she discovered laughter yoga. Her mission is to use her skills and knowledge of laughter to bring together people who need to have a change in their lives.

Do you still believe it’s too hard to laugh? Listen in to this episode.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

  • Annika’s back story
  • Laughter yoga as a tool of happiness
  • Success stories from laughter yoga sessions
  • Annika’s laughter exercises
  • Three things that bring joy to Annika

Key Milestones of the Episode:

[01:31] Annika’s backstory: How Annika got into laughter yoga

[13:17] How laughter yoga has enhanced Annika’s life

[15:32] Success stories from Annika’s laughter yoga sessions.

[25:05] Annika’s favourite laughter exercises

[27:18] Positive daily habits that Annika practices

[30:40] Three things that bring joy to Annika

Standout Quotes from the Episode:

” It’s very important to be in the present for good mental feeling.”

” You can’t be worried about things that might come because you don’t know if they will come or not.”

“Laughter brings us together.”

“From a bad thing. something good happens.”

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