Did you know that laughter can relieve pain? Laughter is great medicine, but many of us are yet to discover it. On today’s show, we have the fantastic Margaret Thompson, also known as Merrie Maggie. We’ll be talking about laughter.

Maggie and I have been giggling together for over six months now. She is a certified Laughter Yoga Teacher. Maggie will be sharing her laughter and cycling journey, her daily habits, and the best exercises for older people. Also, she will give us a taste of her favorite exercises.

If you are yet to believe that laughter is the best medicine, you need to listen in as Maggie shares her real-life experiences with laughter. She has worked with children with special needs, older adults suffering from Demetria, older adults in general, and done sessions for a Sikh and Hindu community.

Maggie’s laughter journey is fantastic, and you cannot afford to miss a single detail of it. Listen in, get inspires, and learn.

Key Talking points:

  • Margaret Thompson’s laughter journey
  • Maggie’s laughter session for people of different ages
  • Maggie’s daily habits
  • Maggie’s cycling history
  • Maggie’s favorite laughter and relaxation exercises
  • What makes Maggie believe laughter is the best medicine?
  • Things that bring Maggie joy

Key Milestones of the Episode:

[01:08] Maggie’s laughter journey

[03:27] How Maggie incorporated laughter in her life

[05:11] Maggie’s laughter sessions

[07:10] What laughter exercises would Maggie recommend for the older people?

[10:14] How has laughter enhanced Maggie’s life?

[12:16] Maggie’s daily habits

[13:35] Maggie’s cycling history

[17:46] Most memorable moments of people she has trained

[20:01] Encouragement to people who are yet to try laughter exercise

[24:13] Maggie’s favorite laughter exercises

[29:42] Maggie’s relaxing exercise

[36:26] Three things that bring Maggie joy

Magical Quote from the Episode:

“If you’re not getting the results that you wish for, you need to look at what you’re doing.”

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