Imagine your child wanting to take his life because of chronic pain. What would be more painful than that for a parent? Our guest, Pasha Marlowe, has been through such an experience with her son, but thankfully for her, it led her to discover laughter and pleasure.

 In this episode, Pasha shares with us how laughter became part of her son’s healing process and how she has helped many people get from trauma to a place of laugher and pleasure.  Also, she will share what her eight weeks program entails.

Pasha Marlowe, MFT, is a laughter and pleasure coach who empowers women to speak their radical truths on live comedy stages. Pasha coaches 1:1 and in group settings. She is the host of Let Pleasure be the Measure podcast and is the author of the new book “My Next Husband Will be a Lesbian.”

Listen in and learn from the amazing Pasha Marlowe.

Key Talking Points of the Episode: 

·        Pasha’s discovery of laughter

·        How Pasha runs her sessions 

·        Pasha’s program and its success stories

·        Things that bring Pasha joy

Key Milestones of the Episode: 

[00:49] How Pasha and I met

[02:20] What does a laughter and pleasure coach do?

[06:14] How Pasha discovered laughter

[08:47] Pasha’s laughter sessions

[14:08] Success stories from Pasha’s programs

[17:36] Pasha’s eight weeks program

[21:26] How Pasha encourages people to laugh

[35:40] Three things that bring Pasha joy

Key Quotes from the Episode:

“Kids are open-minded and accepting from birth. We, as adults, are the ones that change that. So if you ever feel like you don’t belong, talk to a kid. They’ll make you feel a sense of belonging right away.”

“We’re all feeling a collective Pain in the world that may be we’re opening our eyes to other alternatives to healing.”

“Laughter is the easiest way to release those pent-up emotions.”

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