Welcome to the hub of tips and tricks on how to lead a happier and more positive life. On today’s show, we have Alec and Lauren, a couple who are certified laughter yoga leaders and the laughing lovebugs. Well, Lauren discovered laughter yoga on her quest for unique ways to relieve stress. After signing up for laughter yoga classes, she attended them and underwent different experiences, which made her invite Alec, her husband, for one session.

Alex, who had just been laid off from work, was skeptical about laughter yoga, which he later came to pioneer as the best way to relieve stress. His experience made me look forward to the next laughter yoga sessions. The numerous sessions they attended made them gain the title, Certified Laughter Yoga professionals, who actually saw them earn a living out of providing the service. They draw joy from hearing other people laugh.

Laughter yoga really works if done by a professional certified laughter yoga leader who understands what laughter yoga is all about regardless of how simple and fun the exercises seem.

Key talking points of the episode:

Alec’s and Lauren’s Backstory
Benefits achieved from Laughter Yoga
Certification of Alec and Lauren as laughter yoga coaches
Three things that bring joy to Alex and Lauren
Key Milestones of the Episode:

[01:43] Alec and Lauren’s backstory: How both got into laughter yoga

[09:22] How laughter yoga helped both Alec and Lauren

[13:32] When Alec and Lauren became certified laughter yoga professionals

[33:35] Three things that bring joy to the love bugs: Alec and Lauren

Standout Quotes from the Episode:

“Don’t be afraid. Your face won’t break if you laugh. You can always go back to a frown later on after you finish laughing.”

“Laughter is contagious. And it’s a good thing that it’s contagious.”

“You can bring in some internal unconditional joy to your life by just choosing to laugh.”

“You need a trained professional to really reap the benefits of a laughter yoga session.”

Find out more about the Laughing Lovebugs at https://www.laughinglovebugs.com/

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