Can you smell the happiness in the air?  It is September! The Happiness month. Here in the UK, we get to celebrate the International Week of Happiness at Workplace. That said, the big question remains, what makes you happy?

In this episode, I will be sharing 7 practical tips that can help in making you happy. Some of the tips may seem obvious, but we find ourselves not paying enough attention to them shockingly.

Are you ready to get happier? Listen in to this episode.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[02:11] Smile more

[03:13] Exercise: when we exercise, we get that release of endorphins. Because basically the blood is pumped around our body with we’re using our cardiovascular system

[03:39] Sleep: Sleep makes us feel better and fresh

[04:09] Spend more time with family and friends

[04:37] Be with mother nature: It helps you calm down

[04:52] Plan: When you plan things, you get excited

[05:31] Meditate: Meditation puts you in a happy state of awareness and control

Standout Quotes from the Episode:

“It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.”

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