Many of us think that if we fail in an exam, it is the end of the road for us. Our guest today is evidence that failing an exam can be the beginning of some greatness. It all depends on how you take it.

Meet Dr. Tom Waller, who is one of Europe’s most exciting and dynamic chiropractors with a purpose to inspire, educate, and serve. He does this through his busy full-time practice and his other businesses as a sought after entrepreneur.

Dr. Tom is the host and founder of the show ‘Finding You Project’ designed to help individuals and businesses achieve outrageous success. While remaining true to that purpose, he’s the united chiropractic Association vice president, a regular guest expert on radio, an international speaker, and a property investor. His mission is to inspire you to bring your unique gifts and talents to the world and create a life of abundance and happiness.

Are you ready for some inspiration? This episode is all about inspiring you. Listen in.

Key Talking Points of this Episode:

Getting to know Dr. Tom
How Dr. Tom and I met
Dr. Tom’s positive habits
Chiropractic and how it helps people
Dr. Tom as a speaker
What inspired Tom’s positive mindset?
Which books inspire Dr. Tom?
Dr. Tom’s morning routine
Who inspires Dr. Tom
Key Milestones of the Episode:

[01:32] Who is Dr. Tom?

[02:08] How Dr. Tom and I met

[03:20] What makes Dr. Tom tick?

[06:27] What daily positive habit does Dr. Tom practice?

[08:49] What can chiropractic do, and how can it support people?

[13:44] Dr. Tom as a speaker

[16:50] When did a positive mindset kick in for Tom?

[24:32] The most inspirational books for Dr. Tom

[25:47] How can one start the positivity journey?

[27:08] Dr. Tom’s morning routine

[30:24] A laughing moment

[32:48] Who inspires Tom and why?

[33:59] Three things that bring joy to Tom 

Standout Quotes from the Episode:

“The negative of what makes me tick is seeing the frustration of people not being able to achieve things in life.”

“The human body is self-healing and self-regulating. It doesn’t need interventions to help itself and unless crisis.”

“If there’s a misalignment in the spine, it might change the signal. We might get some Chinese whispers going on, which means the message doesn’t get through.”

“Our greatest gift lives behind our biggest fear.”

“If you know where you’re going, you get there.”

“The universe wouldn’t offer you a lick of the ice cream if it didn’t want you to have the whole thing. If we get a taste of something, we get an opportunity in life. It’s there for a reason.”

“I do believe we’re put here for a reason, and we’ve got to find something that’s the doorway that lets us know where we’re going and then go associated with people like ourselves.”

“The more that we practice gratitude; it becomes a state of mind.”

“We have to understand that there’s no shame in owning who you are and your genius.”

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