Being happy is vital in life. Happiness unlocks so many things in life that we cannot imagine. We always say being happy is a choice, and it comes from within. None of that is false, but have you ever wondered why you should be happy?

In this episode, I’ll be telling you how happiness helps your life.  I will give you seven benefits that happiness adds to your life. It is my sincere hope that this episode will inspire you to choose happiness all the time.

Listen in to this episode.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[02:13] Improved heart health

[02:20] Boosts your immunity system

[02:33] Helps reduce pain

[02:56] It can increase your life longevity

[04:19] it improves individual and team productivity

[03:24] Helps you in making better decisions

[04:20] Improves individual and team productivity

Magical Quotes from the Episode:

“Happiness negatively correlates with selfishness and positively relates with trust.”

“If you hang around with happy people, they are going to make you feel happier as well.”

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