In this episode, we have Celeste Greene joining us on the show. She will be sharing her laughter journey with us. Celeste discovered laughter yoga in her quest to bring laughter back to her life. She lost her job, got involved in a car accident, lost her car, and had a breakup. Her life was in a dark phase. Celeste decided to find her laughter. Not only did she find her laughter, but she discovered laughter yoga, and it marked the beginning of her business.

 Do you feel like you are at your end? Tie a knot and hold on. Celeste’s story is likely to rekindle your hope. Listen in.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

  • How Celeste discovered laughter yoga
  • Celeste’s experience with laughter yoga
  • Laughter exercises by Celeste
  • Going virtual with laughter yoga
  • Celeste’s positive habits
  • Three things that bring Celeste joy

Key Milestones of the Episode:

[01:10] Celeste’s laughter journey

[05:32] Celeste’s experiences with laughter Yoga

[11:56] The last time Celeste didn’t feel like laughing

[15:29] First laughter exercise

[16:34] Second laughter exercise

[18:47] Celeste’s view of getting virtual with laughter Yoga

[22:41] Celeste’s positive habits

[24:11] A little secret about Celeste

[28:49] What brings Celeste joy?

Standout Quotes from the Episode:

“I’m a firm believer that whatever you the energy you put out, is the energy you’re going to get back.”

“There’re times where my laughter has been tested. Luckily, I found my laughter on the other side of those challenges.”

“When you get over into the playful interaction. That’s where the gold is because of the playfulness. This breeds more laughter. The laughter breeds more playfulness and then you’re just in a spiral of joy.”

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