Rupert  Bassdone has been juggling his way out of the circus only to find himself back in the fields, designing, planning, and managing festivals and outdoor events. He runs Event Site Design, the CAD drawing experts for outdoor events that offer smart event maps and precision mark-outs.

Whilst he has been a part of the Events Industry his whole life, his professional career started in 2006 with safety and site/production management roles at foodie events, exhibitions, trade shows, festivals, outdoor shows, and so on. One of the early supporters of his career is WOMAD Festival, where today he looks after their production and operations, a service Event Site Design provides to a number of our key clients.


Check out this episode for insights that you can apply in your life.


[08:09] – How Rupert Bassadone wants a career prospect, thinking about kind of normal things, like start having his own bar or having my own restaurant.

[10:29] – To allow himself to have off days of not feeling happy and positive throughout the whole day. And it could be for various reasons.

[06:51] – How he was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder boat four years ago, but really didn’t want to take medication, things were just getting worse.

[11:39] – Sometimes he get cravings for alcohol especially with this time of year with the sun coming out, it’s one of my big triggers

[12:39] – Realize that even those little things, we really can change the world with a smile or even a laugh with a stranger.

[15:30] – People laughing or crying so much that it actually turns into laughter in weddings and funerals as well.

[24:39] – Sometimes that mind map will just be a scatter of mess, but then that will lead on to a more focused vision and mind map

[29:39] – You’re the day daily habits that you’ve got, the daily actions that you take are all leading to the big vision.

[31:30] – . There are lots of, lots of different people that I look at I’m inspired by their approach.

[35:30] – Get up before everyone else gets up. Just make yourself a good coffee. But you’ve got to make the coffee with a special pot and this special


“if you found this time, sort of more helpful that you’re, you’re creating some time for yourself, the old age. Um, yeah. And that you need to sharpen your axe at the end of the day. You can’t just keep chopping wood. ”

“Bamboo takes something like three years to grow and to put its roots down. But after those three years, it shoots and it’s all about the, I know, I know personally, cause I’ve got bamboo mill garden. And then four years later it was like, Jungle, but the point is you’ve got to sow the seeds.”



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