When did you last have belly hearty laughter? Many of us have no idea. The good news is you don’t have to wait until you find something funny for you to laugh at. You can laugh without reason. Are you wondering how that is possible? Try these four laughing environments.

Solo Laughing enviroments: You can laugh over anything. If you are at home handling your chores like ironing, you consider laughing at the movement of the iron box. Also, you can laugh when doing laundry or dishes. Laughing solo is an excellent way to boost your energy and elevate your mood naturally.

Audio laughter: The environment doesn’t involve any visuals. You just get into a room like Clubhouse and just laugh without seeing anyone else in the room. If you are looking to laugh, join an audio session, feel free to find on Clubhouse.

Zoom Laughter enviroments: This is a great environment to laugh in because you can see the people on the other side. This morning I was laughing with my guest, and the laughter got so real that her jaws were in pain. We started laughing while rubbing our jaws, and the connection was magical.

In-person Laughter: ultimately my favorite. It’s the in-person one. This is so powerful when you’re in a room, with people genuinely laughing together a bit for the same reason that you were there to laugh and to have this uncontrollable laughter. It is powerful.

Feel free to enjoy any laughter environment.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[01:29] Solo laughing

[02:30] Audio laughter

[04:30] Zoom or video conferencing laughter

Here are some laughter groups that you can join for zoom laughing sessions:

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