EOOver some time, routines and norms become uninteresting such that we start growing gray. Well, laughter resuscitates the heart such that it starts beating again and ignites a positive kick in our lives. Did you know that you can elevate your life with laughter yoga?

In case you’re wondering how true this is? Today, we are honored to have the lovely Alison Orr, a laughter yoga leader and teacher and well-being coach from England. She had done 20 years of being a trainer and manager within the voluntary sector until her life suddenly turned gray.

In this episode, we learn from Alison about how she discovered laughter yoga and how it has elevated her life. She explains a chain of events that led to her discovering laughter yoga as a therapy to her stressful days at work and how she eventually became a laughter yoga leader rather than just a teacher.

Alison Orr had her first laughter yoga session in a pub and found it weird but took a bold step and enrolled for the leadership training, and it put her in a much better place since she would start and end her days off by laughing. Her leadership training groomed her into a consummate encourager who uses humor to engage with her audience to help them be their best versions of themselves.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

·        Alison’s backstory: how she discovered laughter yoga

·        How laughter has enhanced Alison’s life as a trainer and a leader

·        Success stories from Alison’s laughter yoga sessions

·        Importance of laughter

·        Alison’s favorite laughing exercises

·        Positive daily habits that Alison practices

·        Things that people don’t know about Alison

Key Milestones of the Episode:

[01:13] How Alison discovered laughter yoga

[07:33] Alison’s backstory

[11:12] The impact of laughter in Alison’s life

[15:41] Success stories from Alison’s laughter yoga sessions

[20:50] Importance of laughter

[26:34] Alison’s favorite laughing exercises

[29:50] Alison’s positive daily habits


Standout Quotes from the Episode:

“If you are in a gray place, you have the ability to stop, get out, and do something different.”

“There is no tomorrow, there’s only now. And you have to live for now.”

“You can’t worry and laugh at the same time.”

“Having that daily laughter habit is really important.”

“Don’t lock it till you’ve tried it.”


Connect with Alison on

Website: https://dubries.com/ 


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