In this episode, I have an amazing guest joining me on the show, Paul Holbrook. He is the brain behind Diary Detox. Diary Detox shines a light on what you’re doing today and focuses on what you want tomorrow to create space in the one thing that stands in your way. It was developed out of 20-years of managing rapid technology growth in investment and retail banking.

Paul will help us understand how Diary Detox came to life and decode the various colours that he uses in the daily detox. Also, Paul will be sharing his London Triathlon experience.

Listen in as Paul spills his knowledge and wisdom with us.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

·      Paul’s backstory

·      Paul’s most significant challenge when he joined the entrepreneurship bandwagon

·      The Diary Detox

·      London triathlon

·      Paul’s daily habits

·      Things that bring Paul joy

Key Milestones of the Episode:

[02:08] Paul’s backstory and the birth of diary detox

[05:39] Insights discovery

[06:50] Paul’s biggest struggle when he started on his own

[11:40] Dairy detox. What is diary detox?

[22:15] Why did Paul decide to do the London Marathon?

[28:54] Paul’s daily habits/rituals

[34:15] Paul’s most inspiring book

[47:42] Three things that bring Paul joy

Stand out Quotes from the Episode:

“We follow leaders because they hold the promise that they’re going to take us to a better place, and make things better.”

“People often get caught into writing down what they want to do, instead of what they want to achieve. Because you can achieve what you want to do in many different ways.”

“If you hide who you are, you won’t see your reflection.”

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

Good to Great- Jim Collins

The Diary Detox Book- Paul Holbrook

Connect with Paul Holbrook

The Diary Detox


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