Joining Pete in this interesting episode is Kate Lester, the founder, and CEO of the Diamond Logistics Group. 

Kate will enlighten us on the importance of purpose and how she got her positive outlook on life. Kate will dive deep into the freedom of having your own business. Kate will also emphasize more on the fact that life is all about your Choice. 

Tune in with Pete Cann and Kate Lester as they will dig deep on Business mentoring, Daily Habits, and Positive Routines. 

Key Podcast Moments:

·    [00.22] – Pete introduces Kate Lester to the audience. 

·    [01.42] – “How did you become the CEO of Diamond Logistics?”

·    [03.44] – Tricky and scary situations you go through when running a business. 

·    [06.08] – Kate shares how she deals with a day starting from the time she wakes up. 

·    [08.21] – “Do you have any daily habits that you do on a daily basis?”

·    [10.33] – “Purpose”

·    [11.44] – “Where would you say you got your positive outlook on life?”

·    [14.20] – “Memorable times”

·    [16.39] – Advice to anyone starting off a business. 

·    [18.07] – Benefits of having your own business and the Freedom you have. 

·    [21.36] – “Who inspires you and why?”

·    [25.05] – Two habits or exercises for a positive mindset. 

·    [29.47] – How people can contact Kate Lester. 

·    [30.19] – “What are the three things that bring you Joy?”



–     “If you truly believe in where you are going then, anything that comes across you is an obstacle.”

–     “Make sure you knew what you are doing when you wake in the morning because you organized that the day before.”

–     “Purpose is a really enormous thing.”

–     “Life is very very short and very very precious.”

–     “You don’t have life’s balance, what you have is Choice.”


About our Guest: Kate Lester, is a multi-award-winning, founder and CEO of the Diamond Logistics Group. According to her, “You don’t have life’s balance, what you have is choice”.

Get in contact with Kate Lester:

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