Trevor Lee is doing a fantastic job helping businesses and individuals deliver better, more confident presentations and sales pitches and consequently drive more revenues. He has also become an ultra-runner completing the 2021 44-mile Classic Quarter and rising in excess of £7000 for the Children’s Hospice Southwest.

In this episode, Trevor will share nuggets of wisdom to help us become better in our business presentations and share his story of how he became the person he is today. He  began his public speaking in a farmers’ club and today, it is a business .

If you feel like your presentation skills need some shake-up, this episode is for you.  

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[02:20] Understanding Trevor Lee’s suitcase

[05:08] How Trevor got into the presentation’s world

[11:28] Presentation tips

[13:27] How to engage with the audience

[15:24] How Trevor deals with excitement before getting in front of people

[19:03] How to stand out from the crowd

[20:48] The essence of understanding your demographic when doing a presentation

[22:36] How to use improv in a presentation

[24:19] How Trevor gets his gigs

[25:22] Trevor’s books recommendation

[28:48] How humour/laughter is important in a business

[30:55] Trevor’s daily habits

[32:53] Laugh with us 

[33:39] Three things that bring Trevor Lee joy

Standout Quotes from the Episode:

“Whatever you do, you have to keep learning you have to keep thinking you can get better.”

“If you enjoy it, chances are they’ll enjoy it, you’ll be more memorable. And you know, don’t get don’t be too serious about it.”

“I always say to people, meet your audience in advance as many as you can introduce yourself, pick up a couple of stories from your audience, and then you can refer to them.”

“People will judge you not on an individual line in your presentation or a particular slide but on the overall perception of the way you come across.”

“If you stick too rigidly to your plan, sometimes it will go against you.”

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The Laughter Man, Pete Cann, is on a fun-filled mission to bring the positive benefits of laughter to the world. Since discovering Laughter Yoga, company owner Pete has transformed his business and family life and now wants to share his infectious secrets and get the planet laughing along with him.

You’ll find Pete, his trademark red hat, and his happy vibe on the following channels.



Pete Cann  00:09

Hello, I’m Pete Cann. Laughter leader, positive thinker and entrepreneur, and you’re listening to laughter and positivity with peak weight each week, I’ll bring you tips and tricks to lead a happier, more positive life. Ready? Let’s go. Hey, good. Morning, afternoon, evening, wherever you are listening to this in the world. Welcome to laughter and positivity with Pete. And it’s Pete. That’s right. It’s me. And today, today I wanted to talk about plans for laughter yoga training in the UK. Now, at the moment, you may be listening to this somewhere else in the world, but just stick with me because this is the plan for the Laughter Man when it comes to laughter, yoga training across the UK, because, yeah, we all need laughter The world needs more laughter. But what is happening is that there’s not people, people get attracted to laughter yoga when they need it, when it resonates with them, and it sticks with them at the time. And that’s something I’ve noticed over the past sort of couple of years from laughing online, a lot doing a lot of laughter yoga, training online, and do a lot of laughter yoga sessions with the corporates that you know, the people that feel the benefit of laughter, we will get attracted to you as a laughter yogi and then they want to train with you.

As you’re probably aware, if you’ve listened to the podcast, so if you follow me, we’re actually on the move. Soon, we are moving to different parts of the UK, to a lovely county called Cornwall, and we are so we’re leaving Bristol, the city. However, I still want to do my laughter yoga training in Bristol, which will be running twice a month or twice a month, sorry, twice a year. So, I will be running the sessions twice a year in Bristol, but then I got thinking like actually, if I’m going to be moving to Cornwall and doing some training in Cornwall, we’ll definitely be doing laughter yoga training into Cornwall as well. But also, I could do laughter yoga training across the UK, in different cities during the year so we’ll do some laughter yoga training in London. We’ll do some laughter yoga training in Birmingham, we can do some laughter training in Manchester, just once, maybe twice a year, for a weekend.

I believe that that is how to grow the laughter yoga community in the UK, to help grow the leaders to help support people to bring laughter to their lives, but also to the people that they work with. Because a lot of people that do laughter yoga are either coaches, or they are mentors or they work within sort of hospices, hospitals, care homes, schools, they can be teachers. And they are looking for different well being tools that can be used for their whether it’s their clients or their you know, their patients or their pupils. And laughter yoga is so accessible for everybody. And it’s such a simple, but effective wellbeing tool. That actually I think by traveling the UK and doing more training across the UK, it’s going to help open up the UK when it comes to laughter yoga and start getting more and more pockets of laughter yoga clubs or laughter clubs.

There’ll be more laughter therapy, it’s just going to be a really, really good thing to do. But obviously what comes with creating lots of different laughter yoga weekend’s is unique. Obviously, they’re market them. I will be spending some energy, learning how to market the laughter yoga training online, getting in front of the right people, because ultimately, we attract the people that want to be attracted to us. They say you Your vibe attracts your tribe.

 I completely agree with that. Because people that are attracted to what I do, are definitely interested in laughter yoga, interested in feeling good, generally day to day and just using laughter as that mechanism to release those endorphins and all those other positive chemicals as well as reducing the stress and anxiety. So, I’m really interested, interested in interest. I am interested but I’m also very excited about how the laughter yoga training in the UK is going to go because I feel you know, the more of us that are out there teaching laughter Yogi laughter yoga leaders are going to make a massive difference to the world and to the UK in light. So actually watch this space it please get in touch with me if you’re in the UK and you’re looking to learn, you know the power of laughter and how you can bring it to both your life and also other people’s lives that you work with and will work alongside or, or donate your time to if it’s a charitable side of things, because at some point, very soon, I will be in a city near you running a laughter yoga training weekend. So anyway, that was it really, just to sort of let you know the plans to expand with the canned laughter and you know, the Laughter Man and getting out there. And yeah, don’t be shy. Reach out to me come and say hi. If you’re something you’re interested in learning more about or even just learning how to sort of attract more people to your training. And yeah, I will talk to you very soon. All right, bye. Bye. Thank you so much for listening to laughter and positivity with. To access today show notes and exclusive content, please head over to Pete For slash podcast. Be sure to tune in next week for your next dose of laughter and positivity. Until then, remember, if Pete Can you can