Being positive and staying positive has this incredible energy that attracts extraordinary things in our lives.

In our show today, we learn the tips and tricks that I use to fuel my positive energy and keep me going. Patience is a virtue that we must all practice and incorporate in our lives since becoming positive takes time and energy to achieve a fulfilling result.

The essential factor about staying positive is being your biggest fan and telling yourself that you are a positive person. Positive affirmations to oneself draw positive energy, extending to things around you as they start becoming more positive.

Also, the company that you associate with really matters with what energy you bear. Hanging around people with positive energy makes you want to be the best version of yourself and always look at the positive side of things. People with negative energy will do you more harm than good since you will naturally start feeling that energy being sucked away, yet it is an essential part of our lives.

Thirdly, it is okay not to be okay and feel a little bit negative because we can’t always be positive all the time. Sometimes, in our lives, we encounter speed bumps in our emotions, and it is okay to have these down days, and switching off our minds off things around us to recharge the positive energy is essential. The good thing is that this is positive energy that we can always rekindle by telling ourselves that we are positive.

Finally, gratitude helps you stay positive by opening your hearts and minds to the wonderful world we live in. By being grateful, we tap into positive energy around us and into the little things that we do that make us happy.


Key talking points of the episode:

·        How to maintain a positive headspace?

·        Tips on how to become positive

·        Importance of being positive

Key Milestones of the Episode:

[00:50] What makes Pete a positive guy

[01:20] Tips on how to become and stay positive

[05:37] Importance of positive energy in our lives

Standout Quotes from the Episode:

“If you want to be positive, tell yourself to be positive and act positive.”

“It’s really important to hang around positive people.”

“Who you hang around with makes a difference.”

“It’s important to show gratitude.”

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