Do you Know laughter helps a lot with depression? In this episode, we have a fantastic guest who will be sharing his laughter journey. Jeffrey Briar is the Director of the Laughter Yoga Institute based in Laguna Beach, California. An enthusiastic, articulate, and engagingly positive teacher, Mr Briar is one of the leading American disciples of Dr Madan Kataria.

Jeffrey has amazing stories of how laughter yoga has helped people with depression get better. According to Jeffrey, laughing came in handy when he was taking care of his ailing mother. Laughing helped him remain afloat when he was taking care of his mother.
Listen in to this amazing episode.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

  • Jeffrey’s laughter journey
  • Jeffrey’s laughter training
  • How laughter yoga has impacted Jeffrey’s life
  • Unique benefits of laughter yoga 
  • Laughing exercises
  • Jeffrey’s favourite habits
  • Things that bring Jeffrey joy

Key Milestones of the Episode

[01:31] Jeffrey’s laughter journey. How Jeffrey Briar got into laughter

[07:28] Jeffrey’s laughter training

[09:38] How has laughter enhanced Jeffrey’s life?

[17:59] Examples of how Jeffrey has changed people’s lives through laughter

[29:48] Jeffrey’s personal story

[35:12] Advice to people who have not tried laughter yoga

[38:03] Jeffrey’s laughing exercise one

[43:48] Jeffrey’s favourite habits

[52:05] Three things that bring Jeffrey joy

Standout Quotes from the Episode:

“I’m pretty sure that if I hadn’t been continuing to laugh and give the gift of laughing to other people, I would have been a miserable person. I probably myself would have been very depressed.”

“If people have more joy and happiness than when they go out into the world, they have something to give.”

“Learning to laugh is a wonderful technique to avoid getting into a lot of fights.”

“Laughing at least on one level is an expression of vulnerability.”

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