Creating a work environment filled with happiness should be every employer’s goal. People enjoy working in places where they can show up in their authentic selves. The truth is, if you allow your employees to shine, they will. If you micromanage them, they’ll always want you to micromanage them to get things done. In this episode, our guest will share 5 tips on how to create happiness at work.

Today I have the pleasure of hosting the amazing Inge Dowden. She is a coach, author, and award-winning keynote speaker. Inge helps people break through their barriers and grow their businesses. Also, she is a happiness coach. Everything that Inge does revolves around happiness.

In this episode, Inge and I will be talking about happiness in workplaces. Listen in and learn from this conversation.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[02:25] Getting to know Inge Dowden

[05:04] How important is being happy to Inge?

[11:52] How Inge brings happiness in workplaces

[14:36] The happiest place Inge worked before becoming a coach

[18:48] 5 tips on how to create happiness at work

Standout Quotes from the Episode:

“The secret to happiness is easy. It’s knowing what’s really important to you, knowing what makes you happy and then doing that loads.”

“Not everybody wants more money. Some people just want to be the ability to go home at three o’clock to pick up their children from school.”

“If you let people shine, if you give them a chance to do their very best for you, they will. But if you just keep them small, and treat them like children, they will act like children.”

“Everyone deserves nothing less than happiness and success.”

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