Every often, a good hearty laugh is all you need to feel alive and in the moment. Laughter is one contagious element, and surrounding yourself with people appreciative of it is magical. We all know yoga as a practice of mental and physical well-being. However, a combination of it with laughter is unheard of for many. Typically, yoga is quiet, calm, and relaxing, but laughter was incorporated a few years back, leading to the birth of laughter yoga.

In early 1995, Dr. Madan Kataria’s interest in laughter grew based on scientific evidence. He found out the benefits of laughter to human health and decided to try it out with a couple of people.  Gathered at a park in Mumbai, India, they laughed at the sound of multiple jokes, attracting more people who later formed the first Laughter Club. The group was off to a good start but took a downward spiral after a few weeks.

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

No new jokes were told, and their monotony threatened to break the group. The Dr had no choice but to create a solution for the crisis very fast. He found out that our minds can tell the difference between a fake and genuine laugh. Nevertheless, the feeling they brought to the body was similar. Using that as his tool, he approached the participants and what started as a pretend laugh became real and hearty in a few minutes. Finally, he got a breakthrough.

His idea had worked, and the group never hit an obstacle days on end. The laughter was persistent, and this was the beginning of Laughter Yoga. Still holding on to the pretend laugh, he came up with several other ways of activating laughter. They included role-play, laugh exercises, to name a few. Dr. Kataria and his wife perfected their craft to improve the club. The knowledge spread to other countries and is now recognized all over the world.


What is laughing yoga

It’s a series of breathing exercises and movements that promote happiness and relaxation. Deliberate laughter is the core practice. It promotes positivity, playfulness, and a whole different outlook on life situations. It’s done to boost psychological, physical, and spiritual problems. As a club participant, you are taught to create your own laugh rather than depending on others for joy in whichever setting you’re in.

Life can be quite busy, with the day to day activities and responsibilities. At times, they come out as significant stressors which affect the quality of life and cause major hits on our immune system. Laughing yoga is a good stress reliever. It improves your mood, strengthens the body systems, and increases your energy levels.

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

How is laughter yoga performed? 

Laughter yoga originally started as a group affair and is still being practiced in groups. Laughing yoga instructors coach the participants through the various breathing and laughter techniques. Additionally, the session may involve chanting positive affirmations, clapping, deep breathing and meditation, and light stretches.  In the process, the club members let loose, unleash the inner child, and laugh persistently.

Since this yoga’s popularity has grown immensely, the classes are also available online. Any group can engage in it without a physical coach on site.


Does laughing yoga really work? 

Based on Dr. Kataria’s development, the laughter club drew in more and more people. This is because of its infectious nature, which creates a connection between people. Generally, laughing brings an excellent feeling to your body. It enhances the release of ‘feel-good’ hormones, which boost the body by suppressing the stress hormones.


To sum up

The invention of laughter yoga was well thought of, and the over 5000 clubs are proof of its growth worldwide. It is a great way to have fun, be joyous, and live in the moment. Laughing yoga has little to no drawbacks; hence it’s a successful practice. It is perfect for people of all ages to connect and experience its benefits.