Laughter yoga incorporates traditional yoga with laughter as a form of exercise. It was developed several years back to promote laughter without depending on comedy, jokes, or humour. Since its introduction, the number of people engaging in it has risen tremendously. In the same breath, the need for laughter yoga leaders has also shot up. Anyone interested in this kind of yoga can go through training and set up a studio or become a freelancer. How is the laughter yoga teacher training done?

Laughter yoga training

The training takes place in levels after which you receive an internationally recognized laughter yoga teacher certificate. Other benefits of the training include knowing what laughter yoga is and gaining the knowledge and skills you need to run the class. Additionally, you learn how to improve your mood and that of others through this exercise. There are more than 50 laughter yoga exercises to try out, leaving you happy and relaxed.

You learn tips for starting a yoga business, managing it, and ensuring it succeeds. Also, with the certificate, you can open a laughter yoga studio or conduct sessions in fitness centers, schools, beaches, etc. Offering laughter yoga teacher training packages is also possible after advancing in the field.

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Laughing yoga teacher training

Nowadays, there are several courses or levels of laughter yoga teacher training. You can take all courses continuously or take one and advance slowly. There are three primary levels; 200 hour, 300 hour, and 500 hour.    Each level provides unique information and a basis to advance to the next one.

200-Hour laughter yoga training

It’s the first level of training. The 200-hour course means the study takes 200 or more hours. Once the training is over, the certificate issued is a 200-hour laughter yoga teacher certificate. It’s the most basic documentation given and recognized by bodies such as International Yoga Federation and Yoga Alliance. This course teaches you the fundamentals of yoga, its philosophy, physiology, anatomy, and skills and prepares you for yoga teaching.

A good 200-hour training teaches how to confidently structure and conduct a laughter yoga session. The 200 learning hours can be one duration of intense learning, say a month, or they can be broken down into segments spreading over a more extended period. This level allows you to be a registered yoga teacher upon completion.

300-Hour laughter yoga training

It’s the second level of laughter yoga leader training. It’s a continuation of those who’ve completed the first level or 200-hour training. You cant skip the first course to start on the 300-hour course. This one is more intense, and the study takes 300 training hours. You go deeper into the fundamentals of yoga, philosophy, and anatomy at this level. It’s built on the 200-hour class giving you advanced knowledge. After completing the training, you can register with any yoga federation as an RYT 300 laughter yoga teacher.

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

500-Hour laughter yoga training

It is the highest yoga teacher training level. You can advance to it after the two previous levels. What you learn in the 200 and 300-hour training is taught more extensively at this level. You are trained on how to handle participants of all ages and experiences levels. You are introduced to meditation in this course. The 500 study hours allow you to perfect your skills in readiness for individual sessions.

Upon completing the training, you can register as an RYT-500 laughter yoga teacher or Advanced Yoga Teacher.

Final words

The laughter yoga training levels provide a basis for anyone who wants to venture independently. Becoming a certified and registered yoga teacher is beneficial for you and your clients. Most participants trust leaders with proof of certification and feel safe in their presence. These courses are available online or in physical laughter yoga schools. Doing them raises your stakes in finding more clients and creating a niche for yourself.

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