Laughter Yoga Training

Imagine a world where you are able to laugh off adversity, stress and overwhelm.

Next Laughter Yoga Leader Training Date

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th November 2023 – Truro – Cornwall

Imagine a world where you are able to laugh off adversity, stress and overwhelm. Where you have the knowledge to feel happier, healthier and younger.

I will be holding laughter training weekends which will equip you with the skills and techniques to bring the powerful positive benefits of laughter into your own life and the lives of those around you.

You may just wish to use laughter for your own well-being but you may also want to start a laughter club and bring the joy of laughter to people in your community. Whatever your aim, my Laughter Yoga Training will get you there. Remember, it is physically and mentally impossible to be angry, stressed, anxious or upset when you are laughing.

Laughter has the ability to take you away from any negative emotions that you may be experiencing in your life, even if that is just for a few minutes. Those few minutes will enable you to see a world full of joy and happiness and will enable you to forge ahead and create a more sustained feeling of tranquillity in your everyday life.

After 2 days training I will guarantee to make you feel – Happier, Lighter, Calmer, Energised, joyful, younger and confident to start your own laughter yoga leader journey.

What is covered in the Laughter Yoga Leader Training?

During the 2 days training you will learn the following:

  • How to run a Laughter Yoga Session
  • How to start a Laughter Club
  • How to build a Laughter Yoga business
  • How to bring Laughter into your day
  • The history of Laughter Yoga
  • Benefits of Laughter

Who is the Laughter Yoga Leader Training for?

Laughter leader training is a perfect accompaniment to your current work life whether you are a coach, business professional, teacher, nurse or looking for something to add to your portfolio of skills. Once you have laughter yoga as part of your knowledge, you will be able to bring the power of laughter to both your life and others.

How much is the 2 day course?

The 2 day course is £347 per person.

Drinks and snacks are included, however please bring water and a packed lunch.

What's included in the price?

Included in the price is an internationally recognised qualification that will allow you to start leading laughter yoga sessions for others. 

You will receive the following as part of your course package

  • Latest Laughter Yoga Leader eManual
  • Laughter Yoga International Leader Certificate
  • Additional information including meditations, standard forms and research documents and more.
  • Mentoring and coaching in a private facebook group, to support you with starting your Laughter Yoga Journey. 
  • 1 years access to Laughter Yoga Pro-zone.

Where is the training?

Training is in Bristol or Cornwall depending on the dates. Please check with Pete here to find out which course fits best with your travel needs. 

Alternatively, Pete is able to run training for numbers of 8 or more in a location of your choice. 

Can I make a living from Laughter Yoga?

You certainly can, Pete earns a living offering corporate sessions for £547 in-person sessions, and £247 for remote sessions. Laughter Yoga is becoming more recognised, especially since the pandemic. 

Laughter Yoga is a high energy, fun and perfect team bonding session that can be offered to corporates, schools, care homes, hospitals and social clubs PLUS many more groups. 

Meet your trainer Pete Cann

I am Pete Cann The Laughter Man’ and I have brought laughter to 1000’s of people across the globe since 2019. After training to become a laughter yoga leader in 2019 – I soon set out on a journey to share laughter with as many people as possible, setting a personal mission to bring laughter to 1 million people.

Since 2019 I have run 100’s of workshops online and in-person, and understand the importance of learning at your own pace, whilst gaining all the tools to create the best laughter yoga experience possible.

Having been on TV, Radio and having had numerous interviews about Laughter Yoga, I know the questions you will have, and can guarantee you will have the best time ever.

I love to inject fun into my interactive sessions, making it a really enjoyable experience for all.

Do I need to be physically fit for Yoga?

The yoga side of Laughter Yoga leans more towards the breathing, a Laughter yoga session can make you slightly short of breath. However there are many opportunities to take a break. You will be surprised how quickly the genuine laughter comes on. 

What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga originated in India and is a unique concept based on the fundamental premise that anyone can laugh for no reason – without the need of triggers from jokes, humour or comedy. Laughter Yoga combines laughter exercises, deep breathing and childlike playfulness to profoundly improve physical and mental health as well as emotional wellbeing, self-esteem and confidence.

We use unconditional laughter, play and creativity to make us feel healthier, happier, and more full of joy – it’s simply amazing!

I have learned so much, met some brilliant people and can not wait to take away what I have learned and do something with it.

Sally Potter

We had a brilliant day filled with laughter and fun. Learning loads about laughter yoga and it’s positive benefits. Pete presented the course content really well with a good balance of theory and practical sessions and we received lots of interesting resources and further reading about laughter yoga after the course. We would recommend this course

Caroline & Phil

A good friend treated me to this course as she had already done a laughter yoga workshop with Pete through her employer. I had no idea what to expect but had a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The benefits of prolonged laughter seem amazing and it is definitely something I would like to try and keep up. I think it’s something everyone should try and Pete really was made to do this for a living!

Ali Rogers

Not ready for 2 days of laughter, why not come to the basic laughter yoga training instead.

The Basic Laughter training is a one day overview of Laughter Yoga, where by the end of the day, you will have the knowledge to bring laughter into your daily life. This 1 day training provides you with the knowledge and understanding of Laughter yoga, covering the following topics.

  • Scientific research that led to Laughter Yoga
  • What is Laughter Yoga?
  • Why do we need to laugh more?
  • Benefits of Laughter Yoga
  • Foundation Laughing Exercises
  • Yogic Breathing
  • Yoga Nidra

You will also get to enjoy 2 full laughter sessions, helping you to relax, unwind and switch off from your daily stress and strains.

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