Laughter or laughing yoga has grown to tremendous levels over the years, creating an activity for participants to indulge in. In some areas, the growth rate is slow, while others like Bristol thrive. Laughing yoga helps reduce stress and anxiety by elevating the mood and energizing the person. Being part of a session is both exciting and relaxing. Qualified trainers, leaders, or coaches lead the classes ensuring they succeed and each participant is satisfied. The leaders undergo laughter yoga training within a certain period to make this possible. Let’s look at laughter yoga training in Bristol and all it entails for better understanding.

Laughing yoga training in Bristol

Several laughter yoga clubs exist in Bristol, and among the first is the Bristol laughter club. The founder set it up in 2003 after attending training the same year. He later began offering laughter yoga training to people for skill acquisition. The trainees would then qualify as coaches to independently conduct or run laughing yoga sessions. Since then, Bristol has had a large number of trainers who facilitate the rapidly growing interest in this practice. 

Being a laughing yoga leader influences personal growth as well as that of others. Laughter yoga has a significant impact on peoples’ lives; hence it’s acceptable in both the scientific and medical world. It promotes people’s well-being in the most effective and harm-free manner. This reason attracts participants to training workshops and become certified to lead yoga classes.

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Laughing yoga training helps you learn and understand laughter yoga. You delve into its history, philosophy, concepts, and steps. Additionally, you gain communication, leadership, organization, marketing, and advertising skills. Based on Joe Hoare, founder of Bristol Laughter Club, who’s also a trainer, the skills help coaches find their path in laughter yoga in their professional and personal lives. You become an ideal trainer for schools, clubs, or your own yoga business with a proper apprenticeship.

Training plan

Like other areas, Bristol has schools or organizations offering laughter yoga sessions. The schools provide certification for the individuals upon completion, allowing them to practice yoga. The training runs over a designated period. Depending on the school’s plan, it can be one day, two-day, or more. Different yoga schools offer varying classes with regard to date and time.

Back in the day, most classes were one on one or in-person. However, technological advancement has changed matters, shifting them online. Also, with the hit of the pandemic, it was easier to conduct sessions online for safety reasons. You can attend physical training alongside others or do it online via zoom. Most organizations offer both training plans but confirm beforehand before settling on one.

Each school has its dynamics. The amount of money, payment mode, and period vary. Also, the training plan you choose influences the cost of the laughter yoga training. Online learning is usually cheaper than physical learning. But, what one organization charges for online training may be more expensive than another and vice versa.

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Training dates

The dates vary, just like the plans. There are no fixed dates where laughing yoga training takes place around Bristol. One organization may offer training on specific dates or periods, but another isn’t. It’s up to you to find a school with classes that suit your schedule. Time is also a significant factor in training. Some training centres have multiple time slots for learners throughout the day; others have limited options. An excellent way to know the training dates and times is by subscribing to the schools’ emails to receive all updates.

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Laughter yoga training is accessible to anyone, whether in Bristol or outside it. However, factors like learning mode, time, and dates set the difference. The training has its benefits for you and the people you’ll teach. The skills you gain make you better and influence your ability to conduct a session or run your yoga business. So, when choosing a laughing yoga training centre, consider the elements above to ensure everything fits your schedule.

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