Would you like to become a laughter yoga leader?

In most scenarios, laughter yoga sessions require a laughter yoga leader to guide participants on what to do. The leader or coach leads the laughter session for a group of people or individual participants in social clubs, schools, online platforms, etc.

You may wonder how laughter and yoga practice are related. Laughter is quite contagious, while yoga is a subtle form of relaxation. They are two different elements; however, they create an excellent exercise practice. To date, laughter yoga has proved successful and has attracted many people worldwide. More and more laughter yoga clubs have come up as well as coaches since its invention. You can own your club too. You only need the training to become a leader.

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What are the reasons for training as a laughter yoga leader?

There are many reasons to want to become a laughter yoga leader. Anyone can train and qualify to be one with no restrictions. One reason to train as a laughter yoga coach is to help people achieve relaxation calmly but happily. If you are a jovial and caring person, this is an ideal sector for you. Becoming a yoga leader brings more laughter to your life and that of others.

Other than that, this new practice may influence your career change. You may want to perform something new after years in one profession. The change in careers may be caused by monotony, loss of interest, limited interaction with people, need for personal growth, and more.

Furthermore, the new skills you acquire help enhance your confidence. You can comfortably face or approach people and speak publicly about laughter yoga. Generally, laughter yoga is holistic. So, having the powerful tool to teach it is life-changing for every participant.

How can you become a laughter yoga leader?

A few steps are what you need to start your laughter yoga career. Start by looking for an institution or a laughter yoga teacher to guide you through. Go through every detail, ensuring you understand what is required of you. Make sure you can connect and resonate with the program and the teachers. Book the laughter yoga leader training based on the dates or schedule given.

The training is usually short, depending on the skill level provided. After qualifying from the training, a certificate is awarded to you, and you can start coaching. You can either seek employment from various recreational facilities or start your laughter yoga club. The actual testing begins once you get your first group of people. They give you the platform to lay out your knowledge in terms of exercises, creativity, strengths, etc.


Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Does a laughter yoga coach need certification?

Like most professions, becoming a laughter yoga leader is something taken with great magnitude. One handles people from all walks of life and with varying issues. Proper certification indicates that one is well conversant with what they are doing. You need a certificate from a recognized institution to lead a laughter yoga club.

Some people are self-taught and have learned to instruct the practice from sources like YouTube. However, professional learning from certified teachers has numerous benefits. These types of coaches know more than the techniques used to lead a group of people or the exercises to give participants. They understand the history, philosophy, concept, and steps to take during the process.

Additionally, they learn organization skills, leadership, marketing, advertising, and communication skills. All these come in handy, especially when starting your yoga club or other related fields.


Laughter yoga’s popularity has increased with time. Hence, the need for laughter yoga leaders has increased too. As a leader, you build others and yourself regarding confidence, good communication, and relating with others. Laughter has numerous advantages and making people achieve that creates a huge difference in their lives as a leader.

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