Laughter yoga is a charming practice that leaves a smile on your face. It helps burst into laughter, often blocked by stress or the strain of daily life. The senior age group is expected to increase as the years pass. Also, the evolution of family settings has led to an increase of senior citizens in care facilities or alone in their homes. Loneliness can limit happiness which later affects their health. Indulging in laughter yoga causes a good and hearty laugh which positively affects them mentally, physically, and spiritually. We look at laughter yoga exercises for seniors below.


Laughing yoga exercises for seniors

There are 100+ exercises to do during laughter yoga sessions, categorized based on the participants. Some are suitable for kids, others for adults and seniors. The senior population is not as energetic as the young kids or adults. They also differ amongst themselves; some have a better immune system, mobility, and flexibility than others. So, coaches curate their exercises to suit their bodies, physical ability, and wants. Some classic laughter yoga exercises are;

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Standard laughter yoga exercises

Anyone can take part in these movements since they require very little energy.


  • Cell-phone laughter

Clutch an imaginary phone close to your ear. Pretend to be having a conversation and laugh while at it.

  • Hearty laugh

It’s laughter that comes from deep within, directed from the heart. Spread the arms out wide and laugh passionately while facing up.

  • Greeting laughter

The exercise works best when with a group of people. Shake everyone’s hands, don’t talk but laugh instead. Laughter is contagious, so everybody ends up laughing.

  • Gradient laughter

Start by smiling, then chuckle as you proceed into full-blown laughter. It begins with low volume and tempo and increases with time.


Laughter yoga exercises specifically for seniors

Unlike the movements above, coaches use these ones on senior people more than others. They are;

  • Back pain laughter

Typically, most senior citizens have back problems since their bones aren’t as flexible as before. This movement brings out that fact, making it quite funny, considering not everyone in the class may have this issue. To start, lean forward and place your hand on your back. Then, act like you can’t get back up, followed by a hearty laugh.

  • Ear wiggle

It’s a good exercise for seniors; however, not all can participate. You must have a good range of motion or be flexible enough to reach the other ear. Lift your right hand along the right ear and slowly go over your head to the left ear. Put your finger inside and wiggle and laugh while at it. You can do it with your left hand, too, depending on which you’re comfortable.

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

  • The conductor movement

It’s a combination of hand movements and laughter sounds. In most cases, laughter comes so naturally that you hardly realize the sounds you produce. This exercise needs you to be intentional about the sounds you make. Assume you are directing a group of singers or a choir. Move your arms passionately from side to side and produce sounds to mimic a song’s tune, e.g. ha ha ha or ho ho ho.

  • The vowel laughter

It’s similar to the conductor laughter exercise but without the arm movements. Here, you produce sounds in varying tonality. Start with a low tone and progress gradually until you reach the highest pitch.

  • Use of laughter pills

It’s not quite common, but some people use them to facilitate laughter. As a senior people’s coach, ensure the participant is okay to indulge and understands the effects. Each pill makes you laugh for seconds or minutes; then, the results fade away.


Final words

Laughing yoga for seniors is a great idea. It’s the perfect technique for better health and heightened body energy. Some laughter yoga exercises are personalized for them to suit their body abilities. Moreover, they are simple and require minimal effort to perform. Generally, laughter is the foundation of happiness, and the movements provide that accompanied by a good stretch.

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