If you don’t laugh, you are a potential victim of depression. This sentiment is becoming a reality in the 21st century. As people become busier and miss social interactions, cases of depression are surging. Laughter offers you an opportunity to release the feel-good hormones that ease stress. In its absence, stress levels go up, leading to depression.

The chances of enjoying hearty laughter are reducing each day. However, you no longer need to socialize to laugh. Laughter yoga is a unique exercise that offers all the benefits of natural laughter. This type of yoga is sensational and turns into a perfect depression antidote. Here is why it is a good idea to treat depression:

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Laughter Yoga Enhances the endorphin hormone levels

When depressed, your body produces high levels of stress hormones. These hormones impact your wellbeing and make you feel low. Also, they increase your chances of falling ill. The stress hormone, in particular, cortisol affects your immunity. Your body will become weak.

In this essence, you will likely make your bedroom a sub-chemist full of antidepressants. The bad thing is that antidepressants offer short-term relief. Your condition will keep on reoccurring after some time.

Instead of spending your pounds on antidepressants, you can turn to laughter. Sharing laughter, whether real or fake, enhances your endorphin and other feel-good hormone levels. This aspect lowers cortisol levels. Hence, laughter is a powerful therapy that will save or heal you from depression.  

Boost a sense of belonging and social acceptance

Are you feeling unwanted? Depression comes with a sense of social rejection. You feel like everyone around does not like you. Depressed people are always like a loner living away from social circles. In particular, distancing from peers is one of the signs that a person is falling into a depression menace.

Laughter can be the magic pill to turning things around. You improve your sense of belongingness when you share a burst of laughter. It makes you have a stronger connection with other people. Also, when one smiles at you, it enhances a sense of social acceptance. The benefits will not matter whether the laughter is fake or real.

Participating in laughter yoga will offer you these benefits. It will improve your sense of belonging and make you feel socially accepted. This way, you will recover and decrease your chances of becoming depressed.      

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Increases your creativity

No doubt, depression reduces your creativity. The condition makes you feel unworthy and lacks the purpose and reason of being alive. Most depressed people feel that they are better off dead than alive. They lose hope meaning they cannot see anything good or develop new ideas.

Laughter transforms this condition. When you share hearty laughter, you relieve your mind. This aspect opens your brain and starts seeing things from a different perspective. The result is a boost in your creativity and idea generation. So, considering laughter therapy will benefit you from enhanced creativity and reduced depression chances.

Stabilises mental condition

Depression hurts your mental condition. You always think about the negatives that are occurring in your life. With these thinking patterns, your mental conditions become unstable. Anxiety and stress increase which hurts the production of serotonin and dopamine hormones. The deficiency of these hormones alters your moods and mental state.

Laughter yoga becomes a perfect antidote in this situation. This therapy increases the production of mood-stabilizing hormones. It makes you feel worth living and enjoying the moment. Also, it enhances your neuroplasticity. This way, you heal from depression and have a better life.

In a word, practicing laughter therapy is the secret to dealing with depression. It enhances your social connection, sense of wellbeing, acceptance, and mental health. These aspects give your life meaning and reduce stress and anxiety levels. 


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