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Laughter Yoga for my Team

Laughter Yoga for me

Laughter Yoga is a unique wellness concept where anyone can release the health benefits of laughter, without relying on humour, jokes or comedy. When you have a full belly laugh, you release endorphins (your happy hormone) which in turn reduces stress and anxiety and makes you feel energised and ready to take on the day ahead.

Some of our happy customers.

Such a great and positive experience. We asked Pete to host a couple of corporate sessions and had amazing feedback internally. Everybody felt energized, positively charged and had a great time. Thanks a lot

Lukas Pukaj


Highly recommend Pete’s virtual laughter sessions for team-building.  This is great for people working remotely or across multiple locations.

Charlotte Caulfield


Pete’s story, his passion and laughter is indeed infectious and I would highly recommend The Laughter Man for any group of people. Team meeting, corporate day, sports team, group of friends

Neil Rogers

CEO Digital NRG

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Who is the Laughter Man?

The Laughter Man, Pete Cann is on a fun filled mission to bring the positive benefits of laughter to the world. Since discovering Laughter Yoga, company owner Pete has transformed his business and family life and now wants to share his infectious secrets and get the planet laughing along with him.

Laughter Yoga for my Team

Laughter Yoga for me

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