I am sure everyone has attended a meeting or more in their life. You understand the boredom that can emerge from having one person talk on stage for long without any interaction. While addressing a group of people, planning for activities that shift the energy or spark laughter in the space is essential. This is where stage energizers come in. Laughter stage energizers are meant for quick bursts of laughter-causing activities that re-energize disengaged, tired or sleepy participants.

The use of stage energizers has become a popular trend. Laughter is a great example, and the different activities involved differ in length and complexity. We look at the advantages and types of laughter stage energizers below.


Advantages of laughter stage energizers

There are many stage energizer activities to use on your crowd or attendees. Laughter energizers, in particular, are entertaining and quickly draw people’s attention. Laughter is contagious. So, if a few people start to laugh, the rest will likely join in after some time. Some of its top benefits are;

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Reduces boredom and enhances interaction

When your participants are non-interactive or extra quiet, chances are they are bored. As the speaker or energizer leader, using a laughter stage energizer is the easiest way to capture their attention. Once everyone is lively and in a better mood, communication is enhanced. It’s easy to start a conversation with your neighbour after bonding over the stage energizer activity.

Energizes people

A disengaged crowd appears tired and sluggish. The treason for energy is the lack of physical and mental energy that plays a massive part in a person’s ability to focus. Also, sluggishness means little oxygen reaches the brain through the blood. Laughing for a few minutes makes you inhale and exhale more, your veins dilate, and more blood circulates through your body. As a result, more oxygen reaches your brain and muscles to give you more energy. Suddenly, the crowd looks active and excited to proceed with the remaining part of the event.

Helps relieve stress

It is difficult to tell your listeners’ situation while on stage. People go through all sorts of things depending on their life episodes. Stress can cause a person to lose concentration in a meeting or function, and laughter alleviates the bad feelings. A laughter stage energizer enhances the release of endorphins, popularly known as the feel-good hormones. As the participant, you are left feeling great, forgetting your current stressors for a while.


Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Types of laughter stage energizers

Knowing the importance of laughter stage energizers, here are a few examples.

Know your neighbour game

It is the perfect indoor and outdoor activity for participants to know each other and liven their moods. It helps people understand something unique about others through active listening, and they, in turn, say something about themselves.

Share the love game

It may be impossible for everyone to share a hug or handshake in a meeting or event. This stage energizer allows participants to share something respectful and fun about another person. This energizer works best amongst people who know each other or are colleagues in a company.

Two truths, one lie

It helps you know your colleagues better. Think of two true statements and one that’s a lie, then share with the group for them to figure them out. Later, share your story and laugh about it.

Poker face

One person in the group begins making jokes to make others laugh. However, the rest of the people should maintain a poker face and whoever laughs or smiles first is next in line.


To sum up,

Laughter stage energizers are perfect additions to any group meeting or function. Moreover, they are fun to perform and have excellent benefits to the body. They lessen the boredom and tiredness in disengaged attendees. Generally, laughter stage energizers are the easiest to perform and capture the crowd’s attention much quicker as laughter is infectious.



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